PTAB rides covid-19 storm; Huawei doubles down on patents; Microsoft and IBM portfolios top in the cloud; Patents cheer Ericsson CEO; NPEs flock to WDTX; plus much more

PTAB rides covid-19 storm; Huawei doubles down on patents; Microsoft and IBM portfolios top in the cloud; Patents cheer Ericsson CEO; NPEs flock to WDTX; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 30th March

Many court dockets are on hold, but IP disputes are not. Ocean Tomo and the International Arbitration Centre Tokyo think ADR can help bridge the gap. Read more here

Uncertainties remain over the claim scope that can be covered by term extensions in Japan and difficulties might arise when more than one is claimed for a single patent. Read more here

“It’s not perfect but it’s something,” says co-founder of new covid-19 IP pledge, as owners face growing pressure to waive their rights in face of pandemic. Read more here

TUESDAY 31st March

Early data indicates the extent of China's smartphone slowdown, but analysts say the supply chain and market are already showing signs of recovery. Read more here

Nearly 100 existing protein products have been newly classified as biologics in the US and now face competition from imitators for the first time. Read more here 

The US the court system is slowing down thanks to covid-19, but the virus’s impact on the PTAB thus far has been relatively limited. Read more here


Huawei’s annual results show continuing heavy investment in R&D and patents amidst financial pressures stemming from its US blacklisting. Read more here

A look back into IAM’s 17-year back catalogue at some of the outstanding content we have published on the vital issue of standards. Read more here

The Western District of Texas is quickly becoming the venue of choice for NPEs looking to take a shot at Silicon Valley’s elite. Read more here

THURSDAY 2nd April

Japanese patent fund IP Bridge now a fully private concern after last state investment money leaves the business. Read more here

Growing exponentially in IP importance, the microbiome has been the subject of major attempts to develop human therapeutics and diagnostics in recent years. Read more here 

Ericsson CEO points to strength of company's patent portfolio as ongoing reason for optimism; meanwhile InterDigital improves Q1 guidance after sealing two new licensing deals. Read more here

FRIDAY 3rd April

TCL previously made BlackBerry devices under brand licence but is now launching its own foldable and 5G devices following a significant restructuring. Read more here

As 3-D technology is increasingly used to manufacture vital supplies, a balance can be struck between protecting IP rights and helping the fight against covid-19. Read more here

A deep dive into the cloud computing patent landscape shows that Microsoft and IBM currently have the upper hand in this rapidly developing and increasingly lucrative technology. Read more here

SATURDAY 4th April

Wealthy nations struck a patent bargain with the pharmaceutical industry long ago and should not break it because of the covid-19 pandemic. Read more here

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