Top IP strategists named; CAFC nixes $1.2bn pharma patent award; Ericsson’s big FRAND win; Major Chinese global royalty ruling; Sisvel Samsung deal; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Qualcomm Technology Licensing president Alex Rogers heads the list of individuals who have shaped the global patent deals market over the past year, with senior executives from both corporates and NPEs making up the rest of the top 10. Read more here

MONDAY 30 August

Australia's Commissioner of Patents will appeal a court judgment that was the first in the world to hold that an AI program can be named as an inventor on a patent application. Read more here

If Aon’s CEO Greg Case is right about IP, it will herald a significant change in the way mainstream finance views what has been a very niche market up to now. Read more here

TUESDAY 31 August

AliBaba has deployed a tool on its platform that enables insolvency practitioners to set a data-driven reserve price for patent assets at bankruptcy auctions. Read more here

The latest USPTO figures show declining PTAB petitions and institutions in the life sciences. However, for biosimilars administrative challenges are fulfilling a key strategic purpose. Read more here

The IAM Strategy 300, identifying individuals leading the way in the development and implementation of strategies that maximise the value of IP portfolios, has been published. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 1 September

The world’s largest electric vehicle battery maker has scored a victory in Chinese patent litigation against a smaller rival. Read more here

The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal has sided with Ericsson in a dispute with HTC and backed the use of comparable licensing agreements as a FRAND-compliant way to value SEP portfolios. Read more here

THURSDAY 2 September

A new licensing deal between Sisvel and Samsung Electronics is a further sign of the strong business relationship the pair are forging. Read more here

China's Supreme People's Court has confirmed that the country's judges can set global FRAND licensing rates and terms, while also defining the conditions under which they can do so. Read more here

Juno Therapeutics and Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center lose $1.2 billion damages award after the Federal Circuit invalidates a key patent under written description rules. Read more here

FRIDAY 3 September

South Korea’s IP authority has doubled the number of investigators charged with protecting technologies key to the country’s industrial competitiveness. Read more here

Brazil has introduced stronger compulsory patent licensing powers to tackle covid-19, but President Bolsonaro’s rejection of radical know-how rules will now be reviewed by Congress. Read more here

While an acting USPTO director may technically be able to do anything that a permanent one can, those in the know say that a Senate-approved head is bound to have more political authority. Read more here

SATURDAY 4 September

North Carolina’s Abusive Patent Assertions Act survived a constitutional challenge this week because it puts the focus where it should be – on bad faith behaviour, not on business structure. Read more here

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