UK SEP framework review; Volvo Car CIPO moves on; Albright responds to CAFC criticism; InterDigital's Xiaomi licensing deal; Australia AI patent first; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Restoring inadvertently lapsed European patent rights need not be the nightmare scenario that many imagine. Carpmaels & Ransford’s Simon Keevey-Kothari lays out the strategic planning and solid arguments needed to get crucial IP smoothly reinstated. Read more here

MONDAY 2 August

With patent linkage coming into force in China, biopharma innovators should turn their attention to the uncertainties surrounding the country’s fledgling term extensions system. Read more here

Australia has become the first country to legally recognise the right to file a patent application naming only a non-human as the inventor. Read more here

TUESDAY 3 August

The UK is to embark on a process this autumn to ascertain whether changes to the country’s current framework for protecting SEPs are required. Read more here

Pfizer has won important early victories in a ground-breaking UK dispute in which damages of over $1 billion are at stake. Read more here

Judge Alan Albright’s WDTX court is the US’s busiest patent litigation venue. In an exclusive IAM interview, he explains his response to recent CAFC criticisms and discusses plenty more besides. Read more here


It’s easy to forget that people, not companies, negotiate licensing agreements. In the case of InterDigital’s deal with Xiaomi, though, the human touch was almost certainly of pivotal importance. Read more here

Nine-figure damages awards in the patent space have caught investors’ attention, but so has the IP market’s resilience in the face of economic turbulence. Read more here


Strong patent demand from chipmaker TSMC buoyed application levels for the first half of 2021 at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, statistics show. Read more here

Healthcare Royalty’s proposed $750 million IPO is further proof of the maturation of a market that is expanding opportunities for monetising innovations in the life sciences. Read more here

After three years as chief IP officer of Volvo Car Corp, Ray Millien has switched career paths to become CEO of US boutique Harness, Dickey & Pierce. Read more here

FRIDAY 6 August

More details have come to light about the nascent patent litigation dispute between China’s top electric vehicle battery maker and a state-owned rival. Read more here

Analysis shows that R&D business Ofinno still has plenty of high-quality connectivity-related patents to offer despite recent asset sales to the likes of Xiaomi and Honda. Read more here

With the Biden Administration pushing for action on perceived abusive pharma patent strategies, several pieces of legislation with the same intent are working their way through Congress. Read more here


As of now, the creation of an IP division in the Delhi High Court is a change in name only. But it could open the door to further improvements. Read more here

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