“Why I quit as Nokia IP head”; Microsoft top patent assertion target; Major German FRAND decision; ARM’s China licensee struggle; NPE targets Zoom; plus much more

“Why I quit as Nokia IP head”; Microsoft top patent assertion target; Major German FRAND decision; ARM’s China licensee struggle; NPE targets Zoom; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 29th June

ARM and its owner Softbank have been unable to oust the chief executive of the business with exclusive rights to license its chip designs in China. Read more here

Battery-electric and hydrogen-electric vehicle manufacturer Nikola has generated huge interest, but if it is to compete with the likes of Tesla and Ford it needs to get serious about patents. Read more here

An NPE with possible links to IP Edge has taken aim at video conferencing platform Zoom in a new US lawsuit, with social media giant Snap also among targeted companies. Read more here

TUESDAY 30th June

New research has found that NPEs fare slightly worse than average in patent validity challenges in China, with fewer than one-third keeping all claims. Read more here

Biotech innovators in the UK may have to wait longer to file applications or disclose more information when they do, following a UK Supreme Court judgment on sufficiency. Read more here

A slump in oil prices and less consumption during the covid-19 pandemic mean that the energy sector is looking more closely at patent monetisation as it seeks new revenue sources. Read more here


A deep dive into the 1,400 patents that Nuvoton has acquired from Panasonic, looking at their age, technical content and position in the competitive semiconductor space. Read more here

On the day she becomes InterDigital's new chief licensing officer, Eeva Hakoranta explains why she quit as Nokia’s head of IP - and talks about a whole lot more besides. Read more here

Numbers for second quarter litigation in the US reveal uptick in district court lawsuits and new PTAB reviews, with Microsoft, Dell and Google the most frequent assertion targets. Read more here


The door is wide open to obtaining software patents in China but enforcing them could be quite a different matter. Read more here

The US Supreme Court’s denial of cert in the Eli Lilly v Hospira doctrine of equivalents case is good news for patent owners, but innovators must beware of continued pitfalls. Read more here

When biopharma companies are looking to make up ground on a rival’s product innovations, the most effective solution may simply be to license the technology along with the associated IP. Read more here

FRIDAY 3rd July

Olympus is shifting its patent portfolio away from cameras and toward next-generation technologies, while also keeping an eye on costs. Read more here

The German Supreme Court’s ruling in a key FRAND case clarifies issues such as what constitutes a “willing” licensee, obligations on implementers and the scope licensors have to vary royalty rates. Read more here

A new study shows that foreign companies do not often choose to enforce software copyrights in China, but those that do enjoy high win rates and comparatively big damages awards. Read more here


Consumers may like brand activism, but authenticity is critical. People can spot bandwagon jumpers a mile off and will exact a heavy price on them. Read more here

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