InterDigital hit by Chinese anti-suit injunction; GE's energy IP pivot; Indian patent examination surge; Acacia’s medtech play; Patent thickets get thicker; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 28th September

Wuhan court issues anti-suit injunction against InterDigital, following request from Xiaomi, and sets itself up to rule on global FRAND rate in dispute between the pair. Read more here

Sisvel and automotive component manufacturer u-blox have announced a licensing agreement that ends US litigation between the pair. Read more here

There is no legal requirement for SEP owners to license their US IP rights to all comers; neither is there an economic justification for compulsion. Read more here

TUESDAY 29th September

The Indian patent office examined more than 85,000 applications last year – a new record and a 44% increase over 2018’s total. Read more here

Merck asks SCOTUS to revive $2.5 billion damages award in latest attempt to persuade the court to give guidance on enablement and written description requirements. Read more here

The patent fight between Google and Sonos expands after search giant files for a declaratory judgment, claiming “reasonable apprehension” of another suit from speaker pioneer. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 30th September

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation recently published long-awaited guidelines on antitrust considerations in the field of IP rights. Read more here

The monthly IAM/ktMINE US Patent Elite share tracker finds top electronics IP owners' stock performance falling behind their peers for the first time. Read more here

Acacia’s acquisition of a stake in data-focused, medtech business, Sensyne is another sign of the NPE’s push to diversify its holdings. Read more here

THURSDAY 1st October

As courts around China look to assert their jurisdiction and issue anti-suit orders, there are two key Supreme People’s Court decisions they will refer to for guidance. Read more here

Drug imitators are facing the challenge of increasingly large IP thickets – and not just in the biologics space. Read more here

At this year’s IAM Auto IP event, there was further evidence of an industry struggling to come to terms with a new SEP licensing normal. Read more here

FRIDAY 2nd October

Policymakers in South Korea want to make the country’s patent litigation system more attractive by introducing discovery, but some parts of industry are not happy. Read more here

In-depth data analysis of GE’s patent portfolio and filing strategies show that the industrial giant is preparing for a new role in energy. Read more here

InterDigital requests anti anti-suit injunction from Indian court in response to previous ruling by Chinese court in Wuhan. Read more here

SATURDAY 3rd October

When it comes to tackling gender equality in IP in Asia, saying the present is better than the past is not enough. Read more here

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