Fortress IP founder leaves; Continental FRAND suit fails; UK attorneys’ UPC shock; US and Europe diverge on CRISPR; MediaTek NXP patent fight heats up; plus much more

Fortress IP founder leaves; Continental FRAND suit fails; UK attorneys’ UPC shock; US and Europe diverge on CRISPR; MediaTek NXP patent fight heats up; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

In its WTO patent case against China, the EU has anti-suit injunctions involving SEPs firmly in its sights. But there are multiple, highly complex issues at play and context is all important. Adam Houldsworth, Jacob Schindler, Joff Wild and Bing Zhao report. Read more here

MONDAY 28 February

The Chinese Supreme Court has now heard all the economic and technical arguments in the country’s first essential facilities case. Its decision could have a dramatic impact. Read more here

A Docket Navigator analysis of motions to stay litigation shows that top US patent courts rarely pause cases until an IPR is instituted – unless you’re in California. Read more here


Asian patentees dominate Clarivate’s revamped 2022 Top 100 Global Innovators report, with Japanese businesses alone accounting for 35 of the companies listed. Read more here

The patent battle between MediaTek and NXP has opened on a new front, with invalidation decisions issued in China and court cases pending. Read more here

Fortress IP managing director and co-founder departs the firm to explore new opportunities in the patent space. Read more here


In a win for Avanci and several of its SEP licensors, a US appeals court has ruled that Continental has no standing to sue them for breach of FRAND obligations and anti-trust violations. Read more here

As Women’s History Month unfolds in the US, Meta is acting to re-engineer the status quo by changing the balance within its IP and inventor faculties. Read more here


IP cases formed the single biggest part of the Chinese Supreme People’s Court docket in 2021, new data has revealed. Read more here

As the US and European CRISPR patent landscapes drift further apart, therapeutics companies face difficult freedom-to-operate quandaries. Read more here

The US brokered patent market generated sales of $166 million in 2021 and saw the number of packages made available grow by 17%. Read more here

The CAFC has issued an errata to its precedential decision in Caltech v Broadcom, narrowing the language in the original ruling that had seemed to go much further than the AIA intended. Read more here

FRIDAY 4 March

Over 50 technology companies from the US and Europe are now committed to the Diversity in Innovation Pledge, while more than 25 law and consulting firms are pledge supporters. Read more here

UK patent attorneys might not get rights of audience at the Unified Patent Court after all - and some Irish patent attorneys may also be affected. Read more here

It’s less than four weeks until IPBC Europe 2022 takes place in London and final preparations are now in full swing. Read more here

How non-disclosure agreements between potential business partners can be used to either permit or prohibit IPR petitions. Read more here


Meta Platforms deserves a round of applause for a diversity programme that has brought in working lawyer-moms to its IP team. Read more here

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