Judge dismisses Apple threat to quit UK; Qualcomm leaves HEVC platform; Major DoJ FRAND speech; Nokia hails patent award; Pharma licensing bonanza; plus much more

Judge dismisses Apple threat to quit UK; Qualcomm leaves HEVC platform; Major DoJ FRAND speech; Nokia hails patent award; Pharma licensing bonanza; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

Benchmarking the IP5 Patent Offices

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The Long Read

Companies in the life sciences sector have increasing options when seeking outside investment in patent enforcement campaigns, writes Michael Gulliford. But unique legal considerations and risk factors call for careful structuring of deals. Read more here

MONDAY 27 September

South Korea is among the world’s best when it comes to innovation, but government attention to the country’s IP royalties gap shows that they know it can improve further. Read more here

Litigation finance businesses have been working in patents for a while, but now bigger IP owners are getting interested in using their services. Read more here

TUESDAY 28 September

Marconi has confirmed to IAM that Qualcomm will no longer be a participant in Velos Media, its platform dedicated to licensing HEVC video codec technologies. Read more here

A trend towards increasing expedition in Australian pharma patent disputes has strategic implications for originators and generics/biosimilars alike. Read more here

An Apple threat to pull out of the UK market rather than pay what it believes to be an unreasonable court mandated global FRAND royalty rate is not credible, Justice Meade ruled yesterday. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 29 September

Nokia Technologies’ chief says ISO 9001 certification for portfolio management – believed to be a first for a major in-house IP department – reinforces company’s commitment to patent quality. Read more here

Proposed US legislation would not only create a mandatory ownership reporting requirement for patent transactions, but also introduce a duty to disclose government funding. Read more here

THURSDAY 30 September

Luxshare, a Chinese company that is a rising star in the Apple supply chain, appears to be increasingly engaged in patent licensing and acquisition. Read more here

The England and Wales Court of Appeal has ruled that AI-created inventions are not patentable, but that may not be the end of the story. Read more here

A Fortress courtroom victory over Intel in a closely-watched antitrust suit will disappoint many Big Tech titans that were rooting for the effort to take down the mega NPE funder. Read more here

A top DoJ official has provided the most in-depth insight so far into the Biden Administration’s views on SEP/FRAND and antitrust, with warnings to both licensors and implementers. Read more here

FRIDAY 1 October

TSMC says trade secrets are its most important form of IP and explains how the company is working with suppliers to implement best practices for their management. Read more here

Of the US’s top patent venues, data indicates that the Eastern District of Texas is the most favourable location for plaintiffs, while the Northern District of California is the best for defendants. Read more here

Though pharma M&A is stagnant, innovators are finding other avenues to monetise their IP, receiving larger upfront payments for licensing agreements than ever before. Read more here

SATURDAY 2 October

An expedited trial for Alvotech’s high strength Humira copycat could provide a dramatic ending to AbbVie’s epic series of adalimumab disputes. Read more here

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