How to tell who’s winning in 5G SEPs; $1.3 billion pharma royalties deal; exclusive Rivette interview; Apple comes under attack; China litigation tips; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 27th May

New IP Bridge co-CEO talks licensing in China, Avanci’s prospects in Japan and the firm’s 'next phase'. Read more here

Some of the claims being made about who has the lead with 5G SEPs are simplistic and potentially misleading. Read more here

Twenty years since the publication of his seminal book, Rembrandts in the Attic, Kevin Rivette explains why some of its messages still don’t hit home. Read more here

TUESDAY 28th May

How to tell who's winning the 5G standard essential patent race - and why all reports are not equal. Read more here

Shenzhen BGI was once the biggest purchaser of Illumina’s gene sequencing machines. Now the two are on opposite sides of an expanding patent battle. Read more here

It should cost six figures from the start of the grant process if you want quality, strategic assets that are going to do real work in helping their owners, says Rembrandts author Rivette. Read more here


We cannot control inaccurate newspaper headlines - IPlytics founder and CEO responds to 5G SEP criticisms. Read more here

When monetisation is not your game, how do you demonstrate IP value to the rest of the company? It's a challenge that Facebook patent head Jeremiah Chan is getting to grips with. Read more here


Amid reports of US patent owners facing delays in Beijing’s courts, practitioners say extra caution and busy dockets are possible explanations. Read more here

Transformative patent royalties agreement between LifeArc and CPPIB shows why niche investment model may appeal to cash-strapped life sciences innovators. Read more here

With AB InBev facing off against Heineken in court, the company’s global legal director of IP and innovation explains how patents are becoming a far bigger consideration in the brewing industry. Read more here

Uber’s IP head, John Mulgrew, gives IAM the inside scoop on his group's patent priorities in the run up to the company’s initial public offering. Read more here

FRIDAY 31st May

Sandro Spina of Vectis IP tells IAM why its Spanish client Fractus decided to go after Oppo and Vivo in China, and what plaintiffs need to know about enforcing in the country’s courts. Read more here

A report by the EUIPO and EPO shows that SMEs which file for patents, trademarks and other IP rights are more likely to enjoy high growth and increasing incomes. Read more here

Opinion from East Texas judge adds to earlier win for Ericsson in lawsuit against HTC, but looming appeals give rights owners plenty to think about. Read more here


3M uses a data-driven approach to ensures patents are tied to opportunities in emerging product areas or existing ones that analysis shows merit protection, explains IP head. Read more here

In a blistering opinion piece, former Vringo chief legal officer David Cohen accuses Apple of deliberately plotting to destroy SEP licensing. Read more here

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