World’s top patent lawyers; Broadcom/VMware portfolio analysis; InterDigital CEO exclusive; Dutch injunctions here to stay; 5G SEP transparency needed; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Increased transparency around 5G SEPs will stimulate greater understanding of the cellular market environment and increase confidence and accuracy in IP executive decision-making, write Bowman Heiden and Lew Zeretzki. Read more here

MONDAY 27 June

The growing importance of data-driven AI technologies to life sciences R&D could have significant IP implications. Read more here

In new guidelines, PTAB judges have been told to focus on median time-to-trial data when deciding on a discretionary denial - but only one US district court beats the 18-month IPR deadline. Read more here


The head of IP at a major Chinese urban air mobility company believes that the sector will see a lot more NPE action over the coming years. Read more here

Despite a recent setback suffered by Boston Scientific, there is no reason to believe that Dutch courts will stop awarding cross-border injunctions in patent cases. Read more here

Analysis of the patent portfolios owned by Broadcom and VMware shows that the companies’ proposed $69 billion merger could deliver several major opportunities. Read more here


The 11th edition of the IAM Patent 1000 is the definitive resource for those seeking world-class individual and firm-wide private practice expertise. This year it comes with enhanced analytics. Read more here

The UK has announced plans to diverge from the EU with an AI-related IP exemption covering copyright and database rights. Read more here


Foreign patent grant numbers have rebounded in China after declining in 2020, with Samsung, Toyota and Qualcomm leading the way. Read more here

How to formulate claims and draft applications for quantum machine learning inventions in view of the EPO’s patent eligibility requirements. Read more here

With an Apple renewal negotiation looming, InterDigital CEO Liren Chen reflects on his first 15 months in charge of the cellular and video R&D powerhouse. Read more here


Everything you need to know about the Irish referendum on joining the Unified Patent Court system, including possible timings and how likely a vote to approve might be. Read more here

A focus on people can drive innovation levels, explains the Pure Storage patent team in this month's Inclusivity Insights. Read more here

After a big week for the patent eligibility debate in the US, the way towards increased certainty remains hard to see. Read more here


The recently agreed WTO TRIPs waiver for covid vaccines has exposed the limits of compulsory licensing of life sciences IP and indicates voluntary agreements are a better way forward. Read more here

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