Biden USPTO pick faces tough confirmation; Nokia licensing’s strong Q3; IV goes on auto attack; US damages surge; Secure strong AI patents at the EPO; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Data from Docket Navigator and analysis of 35 Federal Circuit mandamus rulings show that Judge Alan Albright has changed some of the procedures he follows in his Western District of Texas court in the wake of a series of CAFC reversals, writes Angela Morris. However, he has been slower to address other practices. Read more here

MONDAY 25 October

How applicants for AI-related patents at the EPO can give themselves the best possible chance of obtaining commercially useful rights. Read more here

Oppo and Huawei were the most prolific challengers of patents at the China National IP Administration in 2020. Read more here

Nippon Steel is currently engaged in a virtually unprecedented big-ticket patent dispute with Toyota in the Japanese courts. Analysis indicates the company’s portfolio gives it an important edge. Read more here

Recent suits filed against GM, Toyota and Honda are not Intellectual Ventures’ first run-in with automakers, but its latest campaign looks different because of the technologies involved. Read more here

TUESDAY 26 October

The Japanese patent asserted by Nippon Steel against Toyota and Baosteel has no Chinese counterpart records show. Read more here

Allele Therapeutics’ patent dispute with Pfizer and Regeneron will determine the distribution of covid-related revenues and may also have big implications for research tool innovators. Read more here

Court records show the hidden dealings behind a patent licence agreed by Netlist and Samsung – and how the agreement fell apart. Read more here

President Biden has nominated Kathi Vidal to be USPTO Director. Though IP stakeholders like her experience, she faces a potentially tough Senate confirmation process. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 27 October

Nominations have opened for the 2022 edition of the IAM Strategy 300 – our annual guide to the world’s leading IP strategists, wherever they operate. Read more here

THURSDAY 28 October

China’s National IP Administration has published draft regulations that would let foreign patent agencies establish representative Chinese offices for the first time. Read more here

Recent FDA awards of interchangeable status to two products show how the IP playbook is being rewritten in the US biosimilars market. Read more here

Kathi Vidal has an impeccable reputation among colleagues and opposing counsel, while she has also frequently used both Section 101 challenges and the IPR process in her work as a litigator. Read more here

FRIDAY 29 October

Nokia's latest quarterly financial report shows that its licensing arm is operating at a €1.4 billion-a-year run rate as the company pursues a patent litigation dispute with Oppo. Read more here

Analysis of patent data gives insight into the increasingly important practice of R&D collaboration in the automotive industry. Read more here

New research indicates that jury damages awards have got bigger in US patent cases in which the trials have taken place post-lockdown. Read more here  

SATURDAY 30 October

Video codec licensing platforms must strive for balance and efficiency, but fees on content distribution would prove counterproductive. Read more here

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