Apple IP chief tops dealmakers list; Acacia’s $400m boost; IBM licensees revealed; Korean patent auction planned; $9.7bn Novartis deal analysed; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 25th November

Some of the biggest barriers to licensing deals and other patent transactions in China have nothing to do with IP law. Read more here

Deal with activist investor hands Acacia a kitty of $400 million for IP-related transactions in major endorsement of management turnaround. Read more here

We begin the rundown of the individuals in this year’s IAM Market Makers listing by naming those who feature in places 40 to 31. Read more here

TUESDAY 26th November

Seoul Semiconductor is kicking off a “new patent management strategy” by putting two portfolios up for auction later this year and early next. Read more here

The annual IAM Market Makers listing names the 40 men and women who we believe set the global IP weather. Today we reveal those who sit in places 30 to 21. Read more here

“Astounding” USPTO patent assignment document reveals details of licensees to 500 assets sold by IBM. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 27th November

An IP policy directive issued by the Communist Party of China’s Central Committee and the State Council is a potential step forward in trade talks with the US. Read more here

Rare FDA decision to remove orphan drug status means that Indivior’s Sublocade will no longer enjoy lucrative exclusivity but concerns about evergreening remain unaddressed. Read more here

Leaders at Philips, Lenovo, Broadcom and AT&T named as members of the global IP dealmaking elite in IAM Market Makers listing. Read more here

Paice LLP’s Maryland patent infringement suit against BMW shows that NPE activity in the auto sector hasn’t gone away. Read more here

THURSDAY 28th November

Apple IP chief Jeff Myers heads this year’s IAM listing of the global IP dealmaking elite thanks in no small part to the iPhone giant’s huge Intel patent play in the summer. Read more here

Troubled Chinese tech firm Tunghsu Optoelectronic seeks to re-assure creditors with patent transfer from corporate parent and top shareholder. Read more here

Four IP takeaways from Novartis’s proposed $9.7 billion acquisition of cardiovascular specialist The Medicines Company. Read more here

FRIDAY 29th November

Under a new CEO, NTT plans to compete directly across various technology areas with powerhouses such as Alphabet and Apple, but to do so its patent portfolio will need work. Read more here

Beijing-based ByteDance is expanding from software to hardware, however video app TikTok’s runaway US success has put a target on its back. Read more here

Asking prices for patents are up from last year. However, the size of the brokered market is down and assertion activity from NPEs may be on the rise. Read more here

SATURDAY 30th November

There are numerous IP complexities surrounding the IoT, but licensors must think creatively - and quickly - about how to seize opportunities before others do it for them. Read more here

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