Ericsson licensing fee warning; Allergan's ITC Botox trade secrets win; VVC pool initiative fails; Huawei portfolio deep dive; Iancu legacy analysis; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 25th January

Patent grants in China look set to break records again, but policymakers in Beijing are focusing on a rise in outbound PCT filings, greater royalty receipts and a crackdown on dodgy applications. Read more here

Huawei has amended a Chinese patent application which talked of the invention’s ability to identify Uighur racial characteristics, but questions remain over how the mention got there in the first place. Read more here

Tech businesses are moving to Austin - and with the patentee-friendly WDTX district court and the likes of Quinn Emanuel coming to town, its growth as an IP centre shows no sign of slowing. Read more here

TUESDAY 26th January

Patent sales may be ahead for Shenzhen-based O-Film Group, a company that has previously made a big splash as a buyer in the secondary market. Read more here

Allergan’s recent Botox trade secrets win at the ITC highlights its growing importance in US life sciences IP disputes. Read more here

Samsung has fired its opening salvo at the PTAB against Ericsson, filing a pair of IPRs against the Swedish company in what is likely to turn into a full-frontal assault. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 27th January

An ITC investigation centring on patent infringement claims, appears to have spooked investors in Luxshare Precision, a Chinese firm emerging as a mainland-based rival to Foxconn. Read more here

Exciting new offerings on the IAM platform, combined with a stellar line-up of free-to-attend online events, guarantee subscribers more bang for their buck than ever before. Read more here

Proposed US legislation targeting Chinese companies refusing to pay patent licensing fees could help frame the conversation around US and China trade policy, and the role SEPs play within that. Read more here

THURSDAY 28th January

After a hiatus of several years, the Pantech name is back in US litigation, seeking to enforce six patents against a Florida company that sells low-cost, rebranded Chinese phones. Read more here

There had been some concerns about the UK’s sufficiency regime following the Supreme Court’s Regeneron decision, but a recent case has clarified the situation. Read more here

An industry initiative designed to foster a new pool for VVC has failed to back a clear winner, raising the prospect of a fractured licensing landscape for video. Read more here

FRIDAY 29th January

Two recent anti-suit injunctions issued by the Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court have vaulted it to the centre of global SEP practice. Read more here

The sheer size, technological range and geographic scope of Huawei’s patent portfolio accomplishes at least three important goals. Read more here

Almost two months since its litigation battle with Samsung began, Ericsson has warned of a potential hit to operating income if licensees continue to drag their feet. Read more here

SATURDAY 30th January

Andrei Iancu confronted many of the big issues facing the US patent system, leaving a legacy that will be applauded by large numbers of rights owners but scorned by parts of the tech community. Read more here

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