Via ends wireless pool; Big EPO CII change; More US Avanci licensees soon; ZTE asks court to set 4G FRAND rate; Vidal hints at pharma patent crackdown; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Research undertaken for IAM by Dolcera details the holders of the 100 largest portfolios of Chinese patents. Domestic entities dominate the ranking, but a select group of foreign businesses - including Samsung, Qualcomm and Panasonic - also make the list. Read more here

MONDAY 25 April

A decade-long decline in patent applications submitted to the Japan Patent Office was reversed in 2021, recently issued data reveals. Read more here

AbbVie’s series of high-profile US patent lawsuits with producers of biosimilar versions Humira, the world’s best-selling drug, came to an end last month. Here are six key takeaways. Read more here

With the third round of the VLSI v Intel patent dispute getting underway in Texas, Docket Navigator data shows how the dispute has shaped-up so far in courts and at the PTAB. Read more here

TUESDAY 26 April

A new study of recent court decisions shows that while civil litigation of trade secret disputes is comparatively rare in China, there are some common factors to winning cases. Read more here

With the Unified Patent Court and unitary patent system about to get started, European SEP management and enforcement is becoming even more complex. Read more here

New research shows big names from the auto sector and key EV battery suppliers among the holders of the biggest US greentech patent portfolios. Read more here


Revised EPO examination guidelines came into force at the start of March and include significant changes to the way in which computer implemented inventions will be handled. Read more here

Via Licensing will wind down its wireless patent pool to refocus on its AAC and MPEG-H audio codec programmes. This leaves Sisvel as the sole wireless patent pool in the mobile devices market. Read more here


ZTE has asked a Shenzhen court to set a global FRAND rate for its 4G LTE SEP portfolio. It is thought to be the first time a Chinese company has ever made such a request. Read more here

In some of her first public remarks, new USPTO director Kathi Vidal hints at concrete actions the agency could soon take to address perceived patent abuses in the life sciences sector. Read more here

More US auto makers will sign-up to the Avanci platform or do bilateral deals with its licensors, Marconi CEO Kasim Alfalahi has predicted in a wide-ranging, exclusive IAM interview. Read more here  

FRIDAY 29 April

Google’s general counsel has laid out the company’s patent policy priorities in the latest indication that industry is gearing up for major debates over both USPTO rules and legislation in US Congress. Read more here

The newly-introduced IAM Data Hub is home to recurring datasets on the platform which are updated on a regular basis, whether quarterly or annually. Read more here

Seagate’s Nikki Price Shaffer and Bob Pechman share insights on how the computer storage company is using data to understand and address the patent diversity and inclusion gap. Read more here

Patent defendants look set to benefit the most from two recent standing orders that Delaware’s federal district court chief judge issued regarding litigation funding details. Read more here


The first public comments from new USPTO Director Kathi Vidal are the latest indication that the centre of gravity in US patent debate and policy-making has shifted significantly. Read more here

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