Germany top for patent plaintiffs; Huawei IP head moves on; Amgen’s $40bn SCOTUS win; Ericsson Samsung deal analysis; USPTO leads on diversity; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Fascinating analysis of USPTO data undertaken by Mike Pellegrino shows how the agency is leading the way in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the American innovation and patent landscapes. Read more here

MONDAY 24th May

After 15 years leading Huawei’s IP operation, Jason Ding is moving on to become general counsel of a company affiliate focused on smart energy. Read more here

A case brought by the attorney general of Washington State against an entity called Landmark could provide a welcome opportunity to secure a legally fixed definition of the term "patent troll". Read more here

TUESDAY 25th May

Published minutes suggest that pools on both the patent owner and implementer sides are major topics of discussion within a key SEP study group in Japan. Read more here

A US Supreme Court decision not to intervene in Sandoz v Immunex is a $40 billion win for the Amgen subsidiary but leaves double patenting gamesmanship concerns unaddressed. Read more here

A rumoured veto deal with the White House over the identity of the next USPTO Director seems unlikely, but Delaware senator Chris Coons may still decide who gets the job. Read more here


China’s president Xi Jinping has confirmed the country’s support for a temporary waiver of the TRIPS agreement as applied to covid-19 vaccine technologies. Read more here

The District of Delaware is often seen as a difficult court in which to get ANDA litigation summary judgment motions. However, a closer look at its record tells a different story. Read more here


After a year marked by several transactions with apparent NPEs, patents once owned by Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric are now showing up in US litigation. Read more here

It didn’t take long for Ericsson and Samsung to bury their differences and agree a new global, multi-year licensing deal. The result was good for both and a win for the Swedish company’s IP team. Read more here

IBM and Philips lead in AI healthcare patents as Big Tech leaves life sciences companies playing catch-up in a market whose time is about to come. Read more here

FRIDAY 28th May

Germany is the world’s most plaintiff-friendly patent jurisdiction, according to the results of a survey of senior in-house and private practice IP professionals carried out by IAM. Read more here

An Osaka-based start-up has prevailed against Japan’s most valuable retailer in a rare domestic patent fight. Read more here

The WHO’s C-TAP initiative is premised on a rejection of the legitimacy of IP during the covid pandemic, so was never going to get the buy-in necessary to make it work. Read more here


China deserves to play a greater role in shaping the global SEP licensing landscape, but before it can happen the country’s courts must do more to win the world’s confidence. Read more here

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