SEP owners’ huge UK win; Q2 patent sales plummet; Blackberry hires new licensing head; The US’s “America First” juries; Sanofi’s quality crusade; plus much more

SEP owners’ huge UK win; Q2 patent sales plummet; Blackberry hires new licensing head; The US’s “America First” juries; Sanofi’s quality crusade; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 24th August

Xiaomi is the biggest smartphone name to join the LOT Network and has purchased hundreds of rights from third parties over the years. Read more here

After the Supreme Court’s ruling in the SAS case, US district courts have started to agree on a uniform approach to prior art that can and can’t be raised in post-issuance reviews. Read more here

The US patent sales market saw a sharp fall in the number of transactions in the second quarter, though NPEs were far more active than operating companies. Read more here

TUESDAY 25th August

Swiss auto supplier clashes with Chinese rival in patent and software copyright cases involving China’s GPS alternative and the chips that enable it. Read more here

Nokia’s German injunction against Daimler last week is another big win for standard essential patent owners and potentially has global implications for the Avanci platform. Read more here

New research reveals significant “America First” bias among potential jurors located in key federal court districts. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 26th August

In the conjoined Unwired Planet and Conversant cases, the UK Supreme Court has affirmed that English court can set global FRAND royalty rates and issue so-called FRAND injunctions. Read more here

SEP owners’ golden summer continues, the China angle, a growing consensus on key FRAND questions and more as the market reacts to Unwired Planet/Conversant decision. Read more here

The UK Supreme Court’s decision in Unwired Planet/Conversant is a victory for evidence-based, practicable and rational interpretation over theoretical, impracticable and rhetorical argument. Read more here

The CAFC has ruled, in a precedential decision, that claims directed to a specific improvement to an otherwise-known process are patent eligible under 35 USC section 101. Read more here

The rise of biosimilar disputes, and the growing importance of life sciences innovations outside human therapeutics, could see an upswing in pharma and biotech use of the ITC. Read more here

THURSDAY 27th August

Alipay business Ant Group touts its strong patent position in filing documents ahead of what could be the biggest IPO in history. Read more here

Dr Richard Fagan of University College London Business tells IAM about the process of turning patents for early-stage research into investable assets. Read more here

Canadian tech giant Blackberry has hired a new director of licensing, appointing the highly experienced monetisation specialist Bryan Yearwood. Read more here

FRIDAY 28th August

Oppo has knocked out Chinese patents owned by Sharp and Sisvel in what could be the beginning of a series of validity challenges it will make against assets held by both firms. Read more here

Sanofi’s IP holdings have shrunk over recent years and application output is at a low, but recent acquisitions have provided a quality boost while a patent revamp is around the corner. Read more here

Conversant CEO Teksler tells IAM it has been “a long time in the making” after Düsseldorf verdict against Huawei and ZTE adds extra gloss to a big week for the NPE. Read more here

SATURDAY 29th August

The UK Supreme Court's Unwired Planet/Conversant judgment was great news for SEP owners, but Brexit Britain is not important enough to be the world's FRAND dispute resolution hub. Read more here

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