Chinese court issues major FRAND decision; Red Hat patent deals exclusive; Deep dive into top Fintech portfolios; US fails 5G patent leadership test; CJEU SPC setbacks; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 23rd September

A Chinese court has had its say on FRAND royalties in an SEP dispute between Huawei and Conversant, and it looks like the telecoms giant got exactly what it wanted. Read more here

With no sign of trade war compromise, DOJ official attacks Chinese system that “encourages and rewards IP theft”. Read more here

TUESDAY 24th September

Sony’s concerns about parting with its image sensor business and IP portfolio illustrate a problem for Japanese companies seeking to restructure. Read more here

Bad news for SPC clarity after Europe’s highest court refuses to tackle third-party marketing approval question and Advocate General provides confusing guidance on Article 3(a). Read more here

Analysis of Microsoft’s go-to PTAB firms shows Sidley leading the way and Fish & Richardson underlining its status as an IPR powerhouse. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 25th September

South Korean president Moon Jae-in uses KIPO’s two millionth patent grant to call for tech independence. Read more here

Judges at the Court of Justice of the European Union delivered good news for designers in their Cofomel decision earlier this month. Read more here

EPO and USPTO chiefs helped to open the IPO annual meeting in Washington DC - one came to sell, the other to evangelise. Read more here

THURSDAY 26th September

Two years after a big smartphone licensing and know-how deal with Google, a change in leadership is a chance for HTC to assess IP and business alignment. Read more here

Akorn Inc’s failure to make its sham litigation case against Allergan and Duke stick is a reminder that challenging life sciences patentees in this way remains a tough task. Read more here

Nokia accuses Lenovo of infringing multiple patents related to H.264 video decoding tech; lawsuit follows high-stakes SEP case filed by InterDigital. Read more here

FRIDAY 27th September

A recording of a talk given by a favoured Huawei expert witness reveals that the company wants to shift FRAND disputes to its home jurisdiction and ask courts to set low, China-specific royalty rates. Read more here

Mastercard and the Bank of America may be investing heavily in patents, but most banks favour company acquisitions and collaborations to stay ahead in the fintech game. Read more here

In an exclusive interview, Red Hat’s IP head reveals that in the run-up to its acquisition by IBM the company went shopping for patents at a range of sellers including AT&T, Huawei and Panasonic. Read more here

SATURDAY 28th September

Policy confusion and problematic court decisions mean that the US is leaving the shape of the 5G patent landscape to be determined in Europe and China. Read more here

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