Ford hit by German injunction; EU mulls SEP changes; Lenovo sees portfolio value in inventor diversity; Meet Irell’s $100m patent man; Monetising data; plus much more

Ford hit by German injunction; EU mulls SEP changes; Lenovo sees portfolio value in inventor diversity; Meet Irell’s $100m patent man; Monetising data; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Strategic planning of data access, contract and IP-based control points, and its operational execution (IP StratOps), is an essential mechanism that can pay handsome dividends, argue Jens Bördin and Robin Sparrefors. Read more here


IP professionals have a crucial role to play in helping European Deep Tech SMEs secure funding, the EPO’s chief economist believes. Read more here

USAA's recent $218.5 million verdict against PNC Bank is just one of a series of hundred-million-dollar awards racked up by Irell & Manella litigator Jason Sheasby. Read more here


Huawei and Israeli photovoltaics company SolarEdge have settled infringement litigation against one another in Germany and China, bringing a four-year solar panel patent dispute to an end. Read more here

A German injunction issued against Ford in an SEP dispute with IP Bridge may push the auto giant towards taking a licence from Avanci. Read more here

Reaction to a European Commission call for evidence on SEP licensing was more muted than a similar consultation exercise in the US but did raise some important points specific to the EU. Read more here


Toshiba is stepping up its patent disposals, with recent transfers highlighting two potential areas in which more of its IP could hit the secondary market: wireless communications and LEDs. Read more here

3M assistant chief IP counsel Sandra Nowak and Kurt Brasch, Uber’s director of patent transactions, look at some of the issues up for discussion at this year’s IPBC Global in Chicago. Read more here

Delegates in Detroit at Auto IP USA were focused on the transformation of their industry and SEP licensing, just after Ford was hit with a German injunction in a suit filed by an Avanci member. Read more here


The data associated with machine learning can be extremely valuable but before it can be monetised there are some important issues to work through. Read more here

The University of California and its partners have had another key CRISPR Cas9 patent upheld in EPO opposition proceedings. Read more here

Xperi has appointed the firm’s chief legal officer Paul Davis as CEO of its licensing business Adeia, which is due to be spun-out as a standalone company later this year. Read more here


R&D and licensing business Immersion filed its first US patent litigation case in over four years on Thursday, targeting Meta over the company’s use of haptics technology in its VR systems. Read more here

There is no turning back on the changes we made during the pandemic, says EPO boards of appeal president Carl Josefsson in an exclusive interview with IAM. Read more here

After the Solicitor General urged the Supreme Court to take on the American Axle case, there is a growing belief that US patent eligibility law will soon be up for review. Read more here


Lenovo intends to use data to prove that increasing the diversity of a company’s inventor population also increases the strength of its patent portfolio. Read more here

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