Global patent filings to plunge; Nokia’s missing royalties; Huawei’s IV deal; F1 patent battle begins; Reasons for IP optimism despite Covid-19 crisis; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 23rd March

Shenzhen-based projector maker Appotronics has disclosed that it has entered into a settlement agreement with Casio that ends the Japanese company’s assertion campaign in China. Read more here

An increase in R&D around the Covid-19 crisis could lead to a surge in innovation, but in the US uncertainty about patent eligibility may prove an obstacle to progress. Read more here

Nokia is one of the major players in global telecoms licensing and recently announced 2019 royalty income in excess of $1 billion. But perhaps this number should be higher. Read more here

TUESDAY 24th March

China’s national champion in the battery industry, CATL, has initiated what may be its first patent offensive and is using a new lawsuit to try to stymie an upstart rival out of Nanjing. Read more here

Government responses to the Covid-19 pandemic could include increased focus on compulsory licensing, but regulatory data exclusivities might serve as a barrier in both Europe and the US. Read more here

The CAFC’s decision not to hear the Arthrex case en banc reduces the threat of PTAB practices being upended – here are the key takeaways. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 25th March

Huawei continues to add to its patent portfolio, making acquisitions in the fields of augmented reality and Internet of Things from, among others, an Intellectual Ventures spin-off. Read more here

The global Covid-19 pandemic looks set to have a major impact on patent filings across the world in 2020, with a far steeper fall in applications than was seen in 2009. Read more here

The USPTO has launched a new diversity hub, but there is still much more for the IP community to do in this area. Read more here

THURSDAY 26th March

Profit is the top priority for Intellectual Discovery as the Korean patent fund goes private under a new CEO who is also its biggest shareholder. Read more here

A recent decision by the Delhi High Court highlights how patchy trade secret protection is in India and exposes potential pitfalls in know-how licensing. Read more here

HEVC Advance counsel explains why the job of deciding whether a patent is valid or not is one for government agencies and courts, not licensing platforms. Read more here

EXCLUSIVE – Houlihan Lokey’s IP group understood to be on the point of spinning out of the bank to become an independent operation once more. Read more here

FRIDAY 27th March

NTT, Japan’s fourth biggest listed company, has been working with ex-Inventergy consultants to monetise US patents, lawsuits against Acer, TI and Mediatek reveal. Read more here

The IP community expected a re-vamped patent strategy from Facebook after it poached key members of Google’s IP team a few years back. Lo and Chan haven’t disappointed. Read more here

The inside story on how TD Bank, Dolby Labs, LinkedIn, Siam Cement, Rockwell Collins and Google built strategies to maximise the value of their IP assets. Read more here

Uncertainties persist over the protection of biological inventions in Israel and how extensions in the country are pegged to PTEs elsewhere. Read more here

A lone inventor has brought a patent infringement claim in the Western District of Texas against Formula 1’s elite, including Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Red Bull. Read more here

SATURDAY 28th March

The world is hurting, times are tough; but there will be a recovery after the Covid-19 crisis and when it comes it will almost certainly bring multiple IP opportunities. Read more here

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