Chinese patent filings tumble; Digging deep into blockchain; Operating companies’ NPE cooperation risk; Brazil tackles huge backlog; Inside the Apple and Intel win-win; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 22nd July

Major Indian patent dispute over secure QR transaction tech follows years of government efforts to stimulate filings among the country’s venture-backed companies. Read more here

Brazilian patent office announces measures to tackle massive backlog, including much greater use of foreign search reports. Read more here

Auto industry patent spats are rare, which is why a US assertion against Continental by a rival supplier stands out. Read more here

TUESDAY 23rd July

Analysis shows that China and the US are not only the primary sources of blockchain patents and innovation but are also the primary markets. Read more here

If Qualcomm’s recent licensing antitrust court defeat stands then the US risks ceding to China a central role in the development of 5G and future wireless technology. Read more here


IBM and NChain are the only non-Chinese entities that feature in the nine-strong list of global, first tier, blockchain patent applicants. Read more here

A new patent pool initiative may help the Broad and MilliporeSigma strike more licensing deals but is unlikely to heal the deeper fractures in the CRISPR landscape. Read more here

THURSDAY 25th July

Senator Marco Rubio’s proposed legislation targeting Huawei would not stop the company from enforcing patents outright, but it would severely hamper its buying and selling activity. Read more here

The CAFC’s Lone Star ruling squarely puts operating companies that try to monetise their patents by transferring them to NPEs at risk of being joined in any subsequent litigation. Read more here

FRIDAY 26th July

New applications for Chinese invention patents fell by more than 9% in the first six months of the year, CNIPA reports, but foreign filings are still ticking upward. Read more here

Research finds that Europe is ahead of the rest when it comes to the quality of innovation and filing international patent applications. Read more here

Australian Federal Court decision emphatically upholds diagnostic method patent eligibility, showing that the US’s Mayo regime is the exception not the rule. Read more here

SATURDAY 27th July

In the era of patents plus dealmaking, Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s modem business is a perfect example of the type. Read more here

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