IEEE reviews patent policy; Huge China trade secrets award; SEPs move up US agenda; Exclusive Spangenberg interview; Top battery tech portfolios named; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Erich Spangenberg is as hungry as ever leading his new venture IPwe. In an exclusive, in-depth interview he talks candidly about the evolution of the IP market and where his company fits in, how AI will transform patent monetisation and investment, and which country will emerge as the world’s next IP superpower. Read more here

MONDAY 22nd February

Huawei insists it won’t sell off its handset business entirely, but procurement plans suggest further market fragmentation when there are already concerns around royalty streams for patent owners. Read more here

A prominent lawmaker has called for the US to become a more aggressive player in international standards setting in response to Chinese tech giants' current dominance of the process. Read more here 

TUESDAY 23rd February

Frequent litigation has driven patent transactions in China's panel sector, with operating companies using deals both offensively and defensively. Read more here

The hub-and-spoke business model is gaining traction in the life sciences sector because it provides new and attractive ways for investors to put their cash into IP-centred pharma businesses. Read more here

With PTAB petitioners facing more challenges around IPRs, experts tell IAM that some defendants are looking at ex parte re-examinations as a serious option in their US litigation strategies. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 24th February

Ericsson has appeared at an online hearing in Wuhan to contest the anti-suit injunction Samsung won there last December. IAM brings you the details of the arguments. Read more here

Merrick Garland is widely expected to be the next US Attorney General and questions from Senator Thom Tillis indicate that some legislators are keen for 101 and SEPs to be firmly on his radar. Read more here

THURSDAY 25th February

A new platform launched by Intellectual Ventures in conjunction with IP services firm Sinofaith will offer Chinese SMEs licences to a portfolio spanning 12,000 patents in over 50 technological areas. Read more here

Data is playing an increasingly important part in commercial biopharma value creation, presenting new revenue-generating opportunities. Read more here

The IEEE is reviewing its patent policy, six years after it was controversially changed in a shift that met with deep opprobrium from high profile SEP owners. Read more here

FRIDAY 26th February

China’s Supreme People’s Court has handed down the country's largest-ever damages award in a trade secret case. Read more here

Inside the patent portfolios of the companies leading the charge in developing the battery technology that will propel electronic vehicles. Read more here

The settlement of its patent dispute with Comcast helped make 2020 a bumper year for Xperi but plans to separate the firm's lP licensing and product businesses have been delayed until 2022. Read more here

SATURDAY 27th February

India is staring at some of the biggest opportunities in global IP - but that doesn’t mean they will be seized. Read more here

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