Qualcomm’s big win; Vivo IP strategy analysis; Iancu unconvinced by 101 legislative reform; Nokia CEO talks patent monetisation; China fast-tracks trade secrets change; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 22nd April

Vivo is firmly in the same smartphone sales tier as companies like Oppo and Xiaomi, but it has pursued a low-key IP strategy very different to that of its chief rivals. Read more here

Harvard and SiOnyx, which is owned by Fortress IP, have accused Japanese optical devices manufacturer Hamamatsu of patent infringement. Read more here

TUESDAY 23rd April

As more details emerge of its settlement with Apple, Qualcomm looks to have secured close to what it wanted on royalties, while its technology and patent strategy have been fully vindicated. Read more here

A South Korean government study finds that NPEs continue to target foreign defendants in US venues such as the Eastern District of Texas. Read more here

When it comes to patent eligibility reform, USPTO Director Andrei Iancu appears to be focused on what he can control and less on a legislative fix that could be years in the making. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 24th April

The US Supreme Court's biggest patent case this year has nothing to do with patents. Read more here

THURSDAY 25th April

Fast-track changes to China’s trade secrets regime are unlikely to move the needle much in a jurisdiction where enforcement is hampered by difficulties in collecting evidence. Read more here

“Suing Apple would cost me $20 million in the US. In China I can do it for $500,000,” says an American inventor going to court in Beijing. Read more here

IAM infographic – A birds-eye view of the 2018 US patent litigation landscape. Read more here

FRIDAY 26th April

Nokia Technologies sees slight uptick in revenues and company head Rajeev Suri says focus is on patents that have “highest potential for monetisation”. Read more here

This year's World IP Day theme is ‘Reach for Gold’. IP and sport will cross over again this October when Japan plays host to both IPBC Asia and the Rugby World Cup. Read more here

The proposed REMEDY Act is part of a growing US legislative narrative seeking to curtail high medicine prices by targeting the nexus of patent litigation and regulatory drug approval. Read more here

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