Ericsson v Samsung explodes into life; Biggest stories of 2020; New IP strategies for biopharma; How to go it alone; Top licensing tips; plus much more

A round-up of everything we covered on IAM during the festive break, so that you can start the new year fully up-to-date

MONDAY 21st December

In its Texas FRAND suit against Samsung, Ericsson has introduced a brand-new SEP litigation strategy that is based on the need for speed. Read more here

IAM’s Strategy 300 Global Leaders share their insights on what the future holds for AI and patents – and what you need to do now to stay ahead. Read more here

TUESDAY 22nd December

Recent technological and legal developments have increased the need for pharma and biotech companies to integrate clear data and trade secrets strategies into their broader IP approach. Read more here

Seven pieces of advice from IP pioneers who decided to put job security to one side and to set up on their own. Read more here

Patent licensing is as much an art as it is a science, explain some of those featured in the new IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders guide. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 23rd December

The biggest IP stories of 2020 across the Asia-Pacific in a year of major change for rights owners and their advisers across the region. Read more here

From a potential sale of the BlackBerry portfolio to a record year for big damages awards, it’s been a busy 12 months in the US and Canada. Read more here

THURSDAY 24th December

The IAM Christmas Playlist 2020 - each member of the editorial team reveals the music they’ll be listening to over the festive period and explains why it means so much. Read more here

MONDAY 28th December

There were plenty of major IP developments in China during 2020 as local courts got active in the global FRAND debate and trade tensions with the US ratcheted up. Read more here

TUESDAY 29th December

There have been major developments in the FRAND licensing dispute between Ericsson and Samsung, with a Chinese anti-suit injunction countered by an anti-anti-suit injunction in the US. Read more here

IAM data reporter Bridget Diakun chooses the five pieces she worked on during 2020 that she believes were the most important. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 30th December

Although the year in life sciences IP was dominated by the response to the coronavirus pandemic, there were other major developments as well. Read more here

THURSDAY 31st December

In Europe, a golden summer for SEP owners turned a little chilly in the autumn, while covid-19, the UPC and a major IP services merger were also big IP stories. Read more here

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