Ericsson and Xiaomi sign global deal; Unwired Planet appeal reports; Telefónica’s IP head talks IoT; TSMC’s patent surge; Beijing IP Court is good news for foreign litigants; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 21st October

A recent article in the Manila Times headlined “Why is the PH IPO killing patents?” raised a serious set of allegations against the Philippine Intellectual Property Office. Read more here

Obtaining insurance to cover the cost of litigation arising from IP theft can be worthwhile. Recent case law provides guidance regarding the availability of insurance coverage for IP claims. Read more here

Huawei’s QC had a difficult morning on Day One of the UK Supreme Court hearing of the Unwired Planet and Conversant FRAND licensing appeals, but found firmer ground during the afternoon. Read more here

TUESDAY 22nd October

After settling a long-running litigation with Xiaomi in India, an Ericsson spokesperson has confirmed to IAM that the two companies have inked a global patent licence agreement. Read more here

Proprietary information and data are important sources of commercial advantage for biopharma companies – and that makes trade secrets a vital part of any life sciences IP strategy. Read more here

The scope and applicability of injunctions in FRAND-related litigation took centre stage on Day Two of the UK Supreme Court’s Unwired Planet and Conversant appeals hearing. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 23rd October

In an exclusive interview with IAM in the run-up to next month’s IoT IP conference in Munich, Telefónica’s IP head identifies some of the challenges the network poses for licensors. Read more here

A recent transaction with IBM has taken Indian IT services firm HCL Technologies to patent parity with most of its major rivals. Read more here

On Day Three of the Unwired Planet and Conversant UK Supreme Court hearing, Unwired Planet’s QC made some key points on injunctions in FRAND cases that the justices seemed to find persuasive. Read more here  

THURSDAY 24th October

Numbers show that foreign firms win in high numbers at Beijing IP Court, while damages are rising - but stats only tell part of the story. Read more here

Head of IP at innovative generic Centrient lifts the lid on why the company is putting more focus on IP enforcement in India and explains the attractions of trade secrets. Read more here

The UK Supreme Court Unwired Planet and Conversant hearing has ended, and while the appellants have made some strong arguments, reversal of the lower courts’ findings is unlikely. Read more here

FRIDAY 25th October

A Fortress-owned vehicle, monetising NXP rights, has brought multiple Chinese suits as part of its pressure campaign on Intel. Read more here

A UK Supreme Court judgment vindicates professor’s 20-year fight for share of Unilever licensing profit and looks set to reshape British law on employee compensation for inventions. Read more here

TSMC has not only bulked up its patent portfolio over the last decade, but also considerably improved its quality – and that could be bad news for GlobalFoundries. Read more here

SATURDAY 26th October

Long-term filing declines and a staid litigation environment mask the fact that the patent strategies pursued by Japan’s elite companies are becoming more aggressive and dynamic. Read more here

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