Video compression pool launched; Case for litigation funding transparency; Apple/Ericsson pick mediator; WiLAN sale mooted; Dutch joy for SEP holders; plus much more

Video compression pool launched; Case for litigation funding transparency; Apple/Ericsson pick mediator; WiLAN sale mooted; Dutch joy for SEP holders; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

The grace period gap between major jurisdictions has recently been thrust into the spotlight. The JPO is one stakeholder pushing for key players to work towards harmonisation, writes Jacob Schindler. Read more here

MONDAY 21 March

Holders of pharmaceutical patents in Australia face an uphill task when seeking interlocutory injunctions against generics. Read more here

Vectis IP has launched a patent pool covering the JPEG XS (ISO/IEC 21122) video and image compression technology standard, featuring SEPs held by Fraunhofer IIS and intoPIX. Read more here

The man Ericsson and Apple want as the mediator in their Eastern District of Texas breach-of-FRAND cases has deep experience in patent litigation, Docket Navigator data reveals. Read more here

TUESDAY 22 March

Chinese mobile device maker Coolpad has asked a court in Shenzhen to set global FRAND rates and terms for SEPs being asserted against it by Korean NPE Pantech. Read more here

A Dutch Supreme Court ruling in a case involving Philips and Wiko has provided a boost to SEP owners but leaves key questions about the so-called FRAND dance unanswered. Read more here

Two major patent law issues are potentially at play in Centripetal Networks’ defence of Cisco’s CAFC appeal of a $2.75 billion damages award. Read more here


The size of the Indonesian smartphone market and the potential for injunctions are two reasons why Nokia has launched a suit against Vivo in Jakarta as part of the pair’s global licensing dispute. Read more here

If PMC fails to persuade the CAFC to restore a $300 million damages verdict against Apple struck down by a Texas judge, plaintiffs asserting patents with long prosecution histories could pay a price. Read more here


The Unified Patent Court’s Administrative Committee has rejected proposals to deny UK-qualified patent attorneys rights of audience before the court. Read more here

On the back of finally settling a multi-year licensing dispute with Apple, WiLAN’s parent company is now considering whether to sell the Canadian NPE. Read more here 

FRIDAY 25 March

New details have emerged about the multi-jurisdictional patent litigation campaign launched by MediaTek against NXP that highlight Taiwan tech firms’ increasingly proactive IP strategies. Read more here

Data analysis reveals that Huawei and ZTE lead the list of applicants cited most by Chinese ETSI SEPs, followed by Nokia, Samsung and Qualcomm. Read more here

MPEG LA chief Larry Horn has explained why he believes the difficulties of establishing biotech patent pools can be overcome in the CRISPR space. Read more here

Industries with heavy IP reliance were responsible for 41% of all US domestic economic activity heading into the covid pandemic, a USPTO study has found. Read more here


A lawsuit recently uncovered by IAM is a rare example of a dispute over patent litigation funding becoming public and makes a powerful case for transparency in this rapidly-growing area. Read more here


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