Bridgestone’s TomTom acquisition; Huawei CEO talks patents, 5G and innovation; surge in solar patents; AT&T is the new IBM; bad news for biopharma from SCOTUS; Taylor Swift, IP genius; and much more

It’s been another bumper week on the IAM platform, with developments across more industries and more countries than ever before. Here’s what we published

MONDAY 21st January

Draft changes to Indian patent office rules would entitle women inventors and small businesses to expedited examination, but some see a backdoor for big business to take advantage too. Read more here

Amassing more than $7 billion in annual royalties, as Qualcomm did at its peak a few years ago, cannot simply have been the product of sharp elbowed monetisation tactics. Read more here

The rise of disruptive new technology means that everything you thought you knew about IP monetisation is set to change. Read more here

TUESDAY 22nd January

With the appointment of an IP savvy judge and Austin's growing reputation as a tech hub, WD Texas is pitching for patent cases – but there are reasons for plaintiffs to be wary. Read more here

Bridgestone Europe’s $1 billion acquisition of TomTom Telematics shows that to stay relevant IP professionals will need a detailed understanding of data-related issues. Read more here

Operem is still working towards building a blockchain platform for patent trading, but its first product reflects demand for tools that enable open innovation efforts and trade secret protection. Read more here

While portfolio size is often used as an indicator of value, it is crucial to remember that patent type can be just as significant as the number of rights – especially when it comes to FRAND negotiations. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 23rd January

IAM has published a series of research reports identifying key trends shaping the future of corporate patent groups, private practice patent departments and patent service providers. Read more here

In exclusive interview, Mark Kokes, the chief IP officer of NantWorks, talks in-depth about life sciences and high-tech convergence - and the many patent opportunities that creates. Read more here

THURSDAY 24th January

Apple is losing the media war in China over its battle with Qualcomm and may be the victim of a desire to show that the country's patent litigation system is modern and extremely effective. Read more here

Given the difficulty that pharmaceutical products face in getting to market, Arrow declarations in the UK can be a crucial means of slicing through the knot. Read more here

As global efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change become increasingly urgent, new developments in solar technology are fuelling a surge in patents. Read more here

Despite just $11 million of deals in three years, the IP3 patent buying programme is creating significant value. Read more here

FRIDAY 25th January

In a rare public appearance, Huawei’s founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, talked 5G and innovation, and explained why IP is so important to China’s future. Read more here

The Supreme Court’s decision in Helsinn Healthcare v Teva Pharmaceutical will disappoint the many US biopharma businesses that depend on pre-marketing drug development collaborations. Read more here

A series of recent Lyft acquisitions show once more that in the patent deals market AT&T is becoming IBM 2.0. Read more here

Revised rules on preliminary injunctions from the Supreme People's Court could have a significant effect on IP litigation in China - not least the long-running battle between Apple and Qualcomm. Read more here

SATURDAY 26th January

Taylor Swift proves she gets IP by using her industry clout to secure an unprecedented record deal that will also improve the streaming-related revenue of fellow artists. Read more here

Investors are beginning to understand the importance of taking a deep dive into tech company IP holdings, but doing effective, meaningful due diligence is a challenging task. Read more here 

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