Qualcomm faces big battle; Nokia and GE in IP hook-up; Huawei’s temporary reprieve; every owner of 1,000+ US patents named; major immunotherapy case decided; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 20th May

Analysis of assignment data shows that, despite trade tensions, cross-border patent transactions between US and Chinese entities are still happening in semiconductors and other high-tech sectors. Read more here

Reflecting heightened NPE activity in the sector, Cisco and McAfee are among the early members of Unified Patents’ new security zone initiative. Read more here

All the big stories from the opening days of the annual INTA meeting, the world’s biggest gathering of IP professionals. Read more here

TUESDAY 21st May

Harsh US sanctions against Huawei are on hold for 90 days, but uncertainty now clouds the company’s whole supply chain. We analyse what it means for the IP market. Read more here

There are 367 entities which own 1,000 or more active US patents. They are all identified in the IAM/ktMINE US Patent 1000 club. Today we name those in places 367 down to 275. Read more here

The annual INTA meeting is now in full swing in Boston, with over 11,000 delegates in attendance. Not surprisingly, there is a lot going on. Read more here

IPValue secures deals with Samsung and Mediatek, and the NPE reveals it has chalked up revenues of more than $400 million over the last two years. Read more here


Nobel Laureate’s court loss over immunotherapy patents worth billions of dollars could lead to increased licensing opportunities. Read more here

Looking to ramp up IP commercialisation in new sectors, Nokia unveils GE collaboration - with initial focus on space division multiplexing technology. Read more here

US authorities are considering Huawei-style export bans targeting Chinese firms including DJI and Hikvision, according to reports. Both have past IP ties with big American tech firms. Read more here

Our final instalment of news, gossip, views and analysis from the INTA annual meeting, now winding down in Boston. Read more here  

We continue the countdown of this year's IAM/ktMINE US Patent 1,000 Club - comprising every entity that owns 1,000+ active US patents - by naming those that sit in spots 274 to 184. Read more here


After a devastating ruling in the SEP/FRAND licensing case the FTC brought against it, Qualcomm has the legal fight of its life on its hands. Read more here

The countdown of America's biggest patent holders continues as we unveil those sitting in positions 183 to 92 in the IAM/ktMINE US Patent 1000 Club. Read more here

IP owners in China see plenty of uncertainty ahead in a no-win scenario of escalating technology tensions with the US. Read more here

FRIDAY 24th May

The final section of this year's IAM/ktMINE US Patent 1000 Club confirms that Samsung has a huge lead over IBM when it comes to USPTO-granted rights. Read more here 

A bill introduced last week by Senator Josh Hawley suggests that US IP exports to China – and patent sales in particular – may not escape political and legislative scrutiny for much longer. Read more here

Draft legislation on patent eligibility reform in the US is seen as a way to limit overly broad grants while also reducing 101’s impact; series of marathon public hearings teed up for the summer. Read more here


US law on patent-eligible subject matter was transformed by the Alice decision. Five years on, the inventor at the centre of the case argues there is a way to escape its negative impact. Read more here

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