Ericsson targets Apple in UK; PTAB Fintiv changes hit patentees; IP head leaves Xiaomi; Inside GE Licensing; BlackBerry CEO claims patent sale options; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Although various government-led programmes have emerged in Asia over the years to encourage IP valuation, writes Joyce Ng, professionals reveal that a lack of transaction data and an absence of corporate buy-in is preventing it from going mainstream. Read more here

MONDAY 20 June

A decision by the Paris Court of Appeal will give encouragement to life sciences innovators seeking supplementary protection certificates in France. Read more here

GE’s Licensing group deploys traditional patent licensing strategies while also exploring new models such as equity management, explains its head Patrick Patnode. Read more here

In the five years before the SCOTUS Alice decision, there were 116 motions to dismiss on 101 grounds in US district court patent cases. Over 1,700 were filed between 2014 and 2021. Read more here


The findings of a recent EPO consultation on the grace period indicate that reform of the current regime in Europe is unlikely. Read more here

The UK has become the latest battleground in the fast-evolving, multi-jurisdictional patent licensing dispute between Ericsson and Apple. Read more here

There was 100% growth in open source-related patent assertions against financial services companies between 2020 and 2021, according to new OIN research. Read more here


An injunction awarded by a German court against Oppo is an important win for Nokia in the pair’s global licensing dispute but there are reasons why it may not prove decisive. Read more here

USPTO Director Kathi Vidal has released a memorandum that lays out a new interim procedure on Fintiv discretionary denials of post-grant reviews. Read more here


There has been a change of leadership in Xiaomi’s IP Strategy function. After six years in charge, Paul Lin has left the company. Read more here

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal has reaffirmed an Avanci win over Continental in a FRAND-related antitrust case, but has left the door open for similar challenges in the future. Read more here

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s IP Subcommittee heard mixed reviews on Wednesday from experts regarding a draft compromise bill designed to bolster the PTAB process. Read more here

FRIDAY 24 June

BlackBerry’s CEO says its $600 million patent portfolio sale to Catapult IP Innovations is still likely to happen, but claims the company is “not just stuck with one option”. Read more here

The latest in a wave of covid vaccine-related patent infringement suits was initiated this week by Enanta Pharmaceuticals against Pfizer. Read more here

PTAB practitioners say patent holders will be disappointed by USPTO Fintiv discretionary denial guideline changes but argue there will be greater certainty around IPR institutions. Read more here


Meaningful engagement with CFOs about IP is always a challenge but by working together patent and trademark professionals can meet it. Read more here

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