Leahy, Tillis launch WDTX attack; $650mn CRISPR IP deal; Merck UN covid licence agreement; Samsung hit by Russia injunction; InterDigital strikes gold; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

A gap between scientific publications and patent filings in quantum fields paints a worrying picture for European innovators, write Sebastien Ragot and Michel Kurek. However, there is still time for course correction. Read more here

MONDAY 1 November

Following a finding of patent infringement, a Russian court has issued an injunction against 61 Samsung smartphone models. Barring appeal, the order could take effect in less than a month. Read more here

In the wake of the firm’s latest $250 million investment, Sagard Healthcare Royalty Partners’ Ali Alagheband gives the inside track on life sciences IP-backed revenue sales. Read more here

The US Supreme Court must decide whether to hear a case in which Apple attacks the current PTAB discretionary denials regime. Read more here

TUESDAY 2 November

Five major platforms – Aon, Cipher, Google Patents, RPX and Unified Patents – adopt standardised patent identification format to reduce transaction and portfolio management costs. Read more here

The launch of new specialised rules for IP mediation is in line with how some Chinese companies say they want to resolve patent licence disputes, but foreign counterparties may remain sceptical. Read more here

Merck & Co has become the first owner of a covid-19 therapeutic or vaccine to agree a licensing deal with the United Nations-backed Medicines Patent Pool. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 3 November

Senators Patrick Leahy and Thom Tillis have expressed concerns about the concentration of patent cases in the WDTX while also seeming to question the professional conduct of Judge Alan Albright. Read more here

Discussion around the USPTO Director nominee, discretionary denials, Section 101, US SEP policy and other pressing issues dominated the opening day of IAM’s IP 2021 online event. Read more here

THURSDAY 4 November

The JPO is set to increase maintenance costs and PCT expenses in April 2022 as the office seeks to shore up its finances in the wake of a long-term decline in patent applications. Read more here

An EPO Board of Appeal is seeking clarity on the crucial but complicated question of plausibility and has referred a case to the Enlarged Board of Appeal that may provide the answers. Read more here

A deep dive into the patent record of Delaware district court judge Leonard Stark, nominated this week by President Biden to fill Kathleen O’Malley’s place on the CAFC. Read more here

FRIDAY 5 November

Mitsubishi Electric has become the latest Japanese company to introduce a technology transfer programme as it pushes for a greater return on its IP portfolio. Read more here

New analysis of key patent data shows significant advances in adaptation and waste treatment technologies, but greenhouse gas capture lags. Read more here

An IP licensing deal between Mammoth Biosciences and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, that could be worth up to $650 million, highlights the value of CRISPR innovations beyond Cas9. Read more here

A licensing agreement with Xiaomi is among three new wireless deals InterDigital has signed this year that will collectively generate half a billion dollars over their lifetimes. Read more here

SATURDAY 6 November

Patents can help facilitate the spread of clean technology while encouraging more investment in the space. Read more here

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