Huawei's core 5G SEP lead; InterDigital nabs Nokia IP head; MPEG LA hopeful on CRISPR pool; The 368 entities with 1,000+ US patents; TiVo CIPO departs; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 1st June

A small Acacia portfolio being asserted against domestic mobile companies in China has come through an invalidity process almost unscathed. Read more here

 “You don’t sit in your car because you want to use twitter or to send SMSs, you do that with your smartphone,” says Audi licensing head in mobility SEP debate. Read more here

TUESDAY 2nd June

Essentiality analysis finds that so far just 26% of declared 5G SEP grants are core to the standard and claims Huawei, LG and Samsung lead the way. Read more here

MPEG LA builds new biotech licensing programme and remains hopeful that a CRISPR patent pool can be established. Read more here

Apple is a perennial defendant in multiple infringement suits, but the iPhone maker is on course for its quietest first half in years. Read more here


For the first time since the US government placed it on a list severely restricting access to US technology, Huawei appears to have bought patents from a major American tech company. Read more here

InterDigital has announced that former Nokia IP head Eeva Hakoranta is to become the firm’s new chief licensing officer. Read more here

Rowan TELS, the tech enabled legal services provider launched a few years ago by RPX co-founder John Amster, has appointed IBM IP head Bill LaFontaine to its board. Read more here


Oppo buys SEP applications from Korea research entity XRIS in a move designed to get ahead of the curve on a next-generation standard for streaming video. Read more here

Research carried out by ktMINE for IAM reveals that there are 368 entities from 22 countries that own 1,000 or more active US patents. Read more here

The US Supreme Court has declined to review a Federal Circuit judgment that set out a new rule for satisfying written description requirements, but divided the judges who heard the case. Read more here

After its Yahoo! patent acquisition, a possible $300 million biotech transaction would be a significant departure from Acacia’s recent playbook. Read more here

FRIDAY 5th June

Reports indicate that Taiwan’s Largan Precision, a supplier of smartphone camera lenses, has concluded a patent licence with Apple, its top customer. Read more here

Panasonic is under significant financial pressure thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, but its long track record of leveraging its IP assets could prove a saving grace. Read more here

TiVo chief IP officer departs with a $1.8 million parachute pay-off deal following approval of the firm’s merger with Xperi. Read more here


If the auto sector wants its IP views to be heard by policy makers, it needs to develop a more coherent voice. Read more here

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