CRISPR patent pool exclusive; Deep dive into Intel auction portfolio; Change of guard at JPO; AbbVie’s $63bn Allergan play analysis; AmEx patent woe; Time for a new approach to 5G licensing; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 1st July

It is still rare to see major tech businesses in China acquiring rights generated by academic institutions, but given geopolitical and trade realities we may well see more of it in the future. Read more here

New data shows a slump in PTAB review petitions at the USPTO in first six months of 2019. while there was a slight rise in US district court patent litigation filings in Q2. Read more here

TUESDAY 2nd July

Ten years ago, Japanese air conditioning giant Daikin bet big on sharing technology with Chinese upstarts, now it is opening up a portfolio of refrigerant patents. Read more here

AbbVie’s $63 billion Allergan purchase is designed to mitigate the effects of losing the exclusive patent rights to the world’s best-selling drug. Read more here

Exclusive deep dive into what’s on offer in Intel's blockbuster patent auction reveals low encumbrances, big geographical spread. Read more here


General practice law firm Lewis Silkin’s acquisition of patent attorney outfit Ablett & Stebbing shows changing face of the UK’s IP legal services market. Read more here


Akira Matsunaga has taken over as Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office from Naoko Munakata, the first woman to hold the post and a marked reformer during her two years in charge. Read more here

How a more proactive, collaborative approach by 5G SEP licensors - one that focuses on reaching out to start-ups and SMEs - could lead to many more deals and a lot less pain. Read more here

FRIDAY 5th July

Kingpak, a Taiwanese automotive imaging business, recently picked up former Round Rock assets in its first patent purchase and they're supplying the firepower for a new US litigation campaign. Read more here

In an exclusive interview, MPEG LA’s head of biotech licensing says that a CRISPR patent pool is on its way despite the UCal v Broad stand-off. Read more here

The Provenance licensing platform might be contemplating an assertion campaign in a search for alternative ways to generate revenue from its huge portfolio of mainly ex-Nokia patents. Read more here


American Express is a leader in the financial services industry, but Mastercard and Visa are leagues ahead in terms of patenting activity - especially when it comes to blockchain and machine learning. Read more here

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