Tillis files 101 reform bill; Major Avanci hire; Patent loss causes Bausch stock tumble; UK publishes SEP feedback; New WDTX judge’s lack experience; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

No commonly used patent valuation methods are much help at putting a number on an entire portfolio unless there is a specific transaction on the horizon. Cipher’s Nigel Swycher and Steve Harris suggest an original approach to fill this gap. Read more here

MONDAY 1 August

Merck has been attacked by the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, who accused the company of using its patents to sidestep billions of dollars in US taxes. Read more here

Avanci has announced the appointment of Marianne Frydenlund as vice president with a brief “to develop and lead new programs for the Internet of Things beyond the automotive industry”. Read more here

A deep dive on Docket Navigator shows that, Alan Albright aside, just two of the 12 judges on the new, random, Waco, WDTX, case assignment list have significant patent case experience. Read more here

TUESDAY 2 August

The number of invention patent grants in China topped 393,000 during the first half of 2022, up 16% on the same period last year. Read more here

In an exclusive interview, UK IP Office head Tim Moss reviews the five years he spent leading the agency and provides an update on its current study of SEP/FRAND policy issues. Read more here

Experts consulted by IAM generally support a recently announced USPTO revisit of patent examiner guidance relating to subject matter eligibility. Read more here


The invalidation of US patent rights underpinning the anti-intestinal-infection drug Xifaxan has led to a huge drop in Bausch’s share price. Read more here

Senator Thom Tillis has filed 101 reform legislation that will effectively overturn US Supreme Court precedents set in the Alice, Mayo and Myriad decisions. Read more here


Senior patent decision makers at four companies explain why both quality and quantity matter when you are building a strong portfolio of assets. Read more here

The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has ruled that AbbVie’s patent thicketing strategy to extend exclusivity on best-selling drug Humira does not contravene antitrust law. Read more here

A US judge has rejected claims that compliance with the GDPR meant Continental was forced to heavily redact documents asked for in discovery by an NPE pursuing a case of patent infringement. Read more here   

FRIDAY 5 August

IP-backed lending is becoming more mainstream as companies realise that utilising patents for collateral can save expense or even provide capital when VC or traditional lenders refuse. Read more here

The UK IP Office has published a summary of the responses it received to a call for views on SEP and FRAND licensing issues, but possible changes to the current regime are a long way off. Read more here

InterDigital has announced a 42% increase in total revenue year-over-year to $125 million in its Q2 earnings report, as well as a new multi-year licensing deal with Amazon. Read more here


Former CAFC Chief Judge Paul Michel and ex-USPTO Director David Kappos urge Congress to embrace recently introduced legislation designed to repair patent eligibility law. Read more here

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