MPEG LA forms wireless charging pool; Key life sciences IP deal trends; InterDigital opens up; top US filing firms revealed; China patent numbers tumble; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 20th January

The High Court of Delhi will hear arguments this week in another patent assertion against a Chinese company in India, and this time it is Philips targeting OnePlus. Read more here

MPEG LA forms new wireless charging patent pool that will offer licences to IP rights owned by a quartet of companies, including Philips and Robert Bosch. Read more here

TUESDAY 21st January

A Vietnamese telecom's claim to be producing its own 5G networking gear shows there are opportunities for patent-based collaboration in the country’s fast-growing tech market. Read more here

After a record-breaking 2019, here are four key trends that will drive life sciences IP dealmaking in 2020 and beyond. Read more here

InterDigital embraces transparency with unprecedented release of details about its portfolio, royalty rate structure and commitment to using arbitration to settle disputes. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 22nd January

HTC secures China patent win, but low pay-out underlines challenge of showing damages in the country and raises question over whether the Taiwanese company will go after bigger players. Read more here

New IP suits have grown exponentially in China since 2015 while under pressure judges find themselves highly coveted law firm recruitment targets. Read more here

Big Tech letter to new EU commissioner highlighting danger of "trolls” looks suspiciously like the start of a campaign to curtail SEP owners’ ability to secure injunctive relief in Europe. Read more here

THURSDAY 23rd January

The top patent recipients of 2019 in China have been named and list shows Vivo, a smartphone maker in fierce competition with Oppo and Xiaomi, surging into the leading places. Read more here

The High Court of Delhi has taken inconsistent positions on issues of evergreening and genus/species patents in AstraZeneca case that goes to heart of protections available to life sciences companies. Read more here

Auto supplier Aptiv is first to leave LOT since 2014; however, Toyota confirms as new member, adding another major carmaker to the defensive network’s ranks. Read more here

FRIDAY 24th January

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court dealt a blow to Chinese company Hytera this week, ruling against it in a patent, trade secrets and copyright dispute with Motorola Solutions. Read more here

We reveal which US law firms secured most patents for their clients in 2019 overall and by 10 industry categories, as well as the fastest growers. Read more here

Key court decisions and policy pronouncements from the European Commission show how the focus in Europe is shifting from patent hold-up to hold-out. Read more here

SATURDAY 25th January

Officials at China’s national IP office are not shouting from the rooftops about a 9% drop in patent filings in 2019 – but it is the most promising sign yet that the country is serious about quality. Read more here

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