IEEE patent policy decision looms; Big Q3 for Ericsson royalties; Medtech IP deal surge; Volvo Group’s Avanci 4G licence; DoorDash lands IBM portfolio; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Those hoping for clarity on whether AI programmes can be regarded as inventors for patent purposes will be disappointed by the different ways in which courts around the world have handled the issue so far. Helen Macpherson, Tanvi Shah and Avi Toltzis of Baker & McKenzie look at recent developments. Read more here

MONDAY 18 October

Japan’s Prime Minister has backed secrecy legislation for sensitive patents, saying the country needs a mechanism for stopping publication of IP related to national security. Read more here

VideoLabs has found it tough to build industry support for its membership model and a new declaratory judgment action by Starz Entertainment is another challenge. Read more here

A review of US patent assignment data shows steady, high volume transfers of semiconductor-related patents over the last decade. Read more here

TUESDAY 19 October

In its first full quarter since settling its patent dispute with Samsung, Ericsson has booked $295 million in IP licensing royalties, its best three-month period since Q2 2020. Read more here

Last year was tough for medtech deal-making, but diagnostic innovation buyouts are driving a resurgence in IP-rich acquisitions in 2021. Read more here

After submissions from SEP owners and implementers, the IEEE’s board of governors must now decide whether to make changes to its controversial 2015 patent policy. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 20 October

In a rare ITC complaint filed by a Chinese company, a maker of vape cartridges is targeting dozens of alleged infringers using a combined IP portfolio of patents, designs and trademarks. Read more here

The Volvo Group has become the latest licensee of the 4G patent portfolio offered on the Avanci platform; meanwhile, the firm continues to work on its 5G programme. Read more here

THURSDAY 21 October

IBM has transferred 237 US patent assets to delivery platform DoorDash Inc, in its latest deal with an internet upstart. Read more here

With the implementation of the UPC Agreement moving closer, Bayer IP head Joerg Thomaier says the EU should act quickly to develop a unitary SPC regime. Read more here

At a US Senate hearing on proposed legislation to increase transparency around patent ownership, key differences emerged among lawmakers. Read more here

FRIDAY 22 October

China’s Baosteel, which has been targeted by Nippon Steel in a major Japanese patent lawsuit, has enjoyed success in previous high-profile IP litigation. Read more here

The hub and spoke business model is a relatively new development in the life sciences sector, but its focus on the monetisation of non-core IP assets is already generating billions of dollars. Read more here

The USPTO must issue a report on the Section 101 state of play next spring, but lawmakers will be hard pressed to reconcile deeply divided opinion on patent eligibility among stakeholders. Read more here

SATURDAY 23 October

Not only does the proposed TRIPS suspension for covid vaccine IP appear increasingly unlikely, but any deal would only be the first step in a difficult process towards compulsory tech transfer. Read more here

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