New WiFi 6 pool launch; Xiaomi still buying patents; US hands SEP leadership to EU; Big Tech accused of IPR abuse; UK bans China know-how licence deal; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Patent pools can provide long-term mutual benefits for many industries, especially those based on FRAND-enabled technology standards. But for them to succeed, write Bowman Heiden and Gustav Brismark, short-term buy and sell-side misalignments must be overcome. Read more here

MONDAY 18 July

In an exclusive IAM interview, leading Spanish patent judge Florencio Molina López explains why he believes the country could join the Unified Patent Court system next year. Read more here

Docket Navigator data shows that entities created by IP Edge have filed nearly 280 lawsuits since 2018 and have often secured quick settlements. Read more here


Huawei joins a group of companies that also includes MediaTek, SK Telecom and Philips in a WiFi 6 licensing programme with an innovative royalty structure designed to encourage early participation. Read more here

The UPC’s final rules offer greater trade secret and data protection, while the court’s first batch of judges is due to be appointed shortly. Read more here


With no concrete US policy on SEP licensing, the door is now open for the European Union to decide the future of FRAND. Read more here

Xiaomi’s decision to renew its deal with the Advanced Audio Coding pool is a vindication of the platform’s tiered pricing structure, says Via president. Read more here


A simplification of China’s business approval process for patent agencies has created a boom in firm numbers. However, the government is also having to crack down on rogue entities. Read more here

Gene-sequencing market leader Illumina has agreed to pay $325 million for a truce in its US patent disputes with up-and-coming Chinese rival BGI. Read more here

Centripetal COO describes the disruptive security company’s experiences of enforcing its patents and explains why he believes Big Tech is colluding to abuse the IPR process. Read more here

FRIDAY 22 July

The widespread availability of mobile technology and increasing levels of wealth across the world mean that old assumptions about patent filing and litigation are being rethought. Read more here

The UK government has blocked a know-how licensing deal between a British university and a Chinese company, citing national security concerns. Read more here

Xiaomi remains in the market for high-quality patent assets, says the company’s new head of IP strategy in an exclusive interview. Read more here


Sisvel, Via and Avanci are among those demonstrating that patent licensors have thought deeply about how best to meet the needs of those who want to access their technology. Read more here

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