Samsung deal with ex-IP leader; Europe's largest portfolios named; Oppo CIPO on Nokia fight; What the NYT got right on patents; Big fall in NPE suits; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Robert Bosch has the world's biggest portfolio of European patents, followed by Samsung Electronics, Siemens, VW and LG. IAM reveals the top 100 using data put together by Dolcera - along with a whole lot more besides. Read more here

MONDAY 18 April

EPO applications originating in Japan, China and Korea suggest Asia’s tech giants are poised to take advantage as Europe becomes even more important to patent strategy. Read more here

New proposals outlined in Canada’s federal budget are designed to make the country a patent power on a par with the top performing members of the G7. Read more here

As the MediaTek and NXP global patent fight heads to the ITC, Docket Navigator data shows how the US element of the pair’s dispute has developed. Read more here

TUESDAY 19 April

Recent patent disposal records indicate that Samsung Electronics is cooperating with a former senior IP executive who's gone solo in the patent monetisation business. Read more here

The views on the US patent system set out by the New York Times in a recent and controversial editorial are too harsh, but some of its proposed reforms would bring greater balance. Read more here

US lawsuits by non-practising entities declined by double-digit percentages in the first quarter of 2022, according to new figures from both RPX and Unified Patents. Read more here


The inside story on how HP is promoting initiatives designed to make a difference with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion in IP law. Read more here

Rare disease treatment innovators may have to adapt their regulatory exclusivity strategies in the US if the Supreme Court declines to review a recent landmark judgment. Read more here

Lawsuit funders are increasingly exploring the idea of acquiring their own patent portfolios for monetisation purposes. Read more here


Oppo’s chief IP officer Adler Feng says a difference in views over the value 5G brings to each companies’ products sits at the centre of its patent dispute with Nokia. Read more here

Just five months after the Beijing IP Court accepted its first patent linkage lawsuit, it has handed down a decision in the case. Read more here

Brazil’s IP agency drastically reduced its patent backlog in just two years by incorporating search and examination done by other offices and deploying AI for the trickiest applications. Read more here

FRIDAY 22 April

We will keep buying 5G SEPs to complement the fruits of our internal R&D efforts, says Oppo’s chief IP officer. Read more here

The US Supreme Court may be inching towards finally taking a case that focuses on the patent enablement standard. Read more here

Freedom-to-operate investigations are critical to a cohesive patent strategy, but the traditional process is burdensome and inefficient. Read more here


The lack of any must-have feature on 5G handsets is helping to fuel current licensing disagreements between SEP holders and the phone manufacturers implementing their technologies. Read more here

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