Iancu slams IP waiver; Semiconductor patenting powers ahead; AbbVie feels Humira heat; How to calculate portfolio ROI; Abandonment rates rise; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Both the tools and data are available to develop highly effective models for creating significant value from corporate IP assets. All too often, though, what is still missing is the will to use them. A change of mind-set among portfolio managers - argue Jeremiah Chan and Jonathan Liu of Facebook, and Cipher’s Nigel Swycher and Steve Harris - could reap significant rewards. Read more here

MONDAY 17th May

Hyundai Mobis, South Korea’s top auto supplier, is aiming to triple the size of its patent portfolio over the next four years. Read more here

The former Director of the USPTO, Andrei Iancu, has issued a stinging criticism of the Biden Administration’s decision to back an IP waiver for covid vaccines. Read more here

TUESDAY 18th May

LG Innotek, an affiliate of South Korea’s LG Group, is finalising a sale of its LED business assets – including thousands of IP rights – to an unknown Chinese buyer. Read more here

India’s government has stated its unwillingness to bypass patents for covid-19-approved drugs, despite its advocacy of a TRIPS suspension and growing political pressure for compulsory licensing. Read more here

The data shows that semiconductor patenting activity is on the rise at the USPTO, EPO and CNIPA, with Asian entities leading the way. Read more here  


Samsung's eye-catching strategy in its recent patent licensing dispute with Ericsson involved classic  moves from a defensive Chinese playbook. Read more here

A precedential CAFC ruling has highlighted IP assignment pitfalls in employer-employee contracts and research collaborations. Read more here


Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has once again shored up its wireless patent portfolio, this time in a deal with Ericsson involving over 100 assets. Read more here

AbbVie’s controversial patent strategy for Humira, its best-selling drug, is set to receive further scrutiny in the latest legal battle with a biosimilar producer. Read more here

Nearly 400 trademark applicant passport numbers have been published by global IP offices and are easily discoverable on the EUIPO’s TMview search platform, a WTR investigation has found. Read more here

FRIDAY 21st May

Japanese LED company OLED has said licensing will be is core to its business. The terms of a recent deal with Samsung could make or break that strategy. Read more here

Exclusive IAM analysis reveals that many top companies in seven major industry sectors accelerated patent abandonments at the height of the covid-19 crisis. Read more here

The Biden Administration's support for a covid vaccine IP waiver will come with heavy political costs. The only issue is which ones the president is most prepared to pay. Read more here


In this week’s Saturday opinion, new IAM editor Jacob Schindler outlines some of the big stories the platform will be focusing on under his leadership. Read more here

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