Samsung sues MPEG LA; New FTC attack on SEPs; Xiaomi faces Indian royalties tax probe; Hyundai buys from IBM and Intel; Time to end China blame game; plus much more

Samsung sues MPEG LA; New FTC attack on SEPs; Xiaomi faces Indian royalties tax probe; Hyundai buys from IBM and Intel; Time to end China blame game; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Legal ambiguities over ownership and protection are holding back cutting-edge AI technology that could have immense value. Faiz Rahman and Kamalkumar Rathinasamy of Infosys argue that policy makers must focus on creating an IP framework that serves businesses, the economy and the public good. Read more here


Royalty payments and the relationship between Xiaomi and Qualcomm are said to be at the centre of a major tax investigation of the Chinese company’s Indian business. Read more here

Several recent developments suggest life sciences companies may increasingly turn to the ITC for relief in patent and trade secret cases. Read more here

As the fifth anniversary of TC Heartland approaches, Docket Navigator data shows how the Supreme Court’s decision fundamentally changed the US patent litigation landscape. Read more here


Samsung accusations that its ex-IP head, now advising an NPE campaign against the company, has breached trade secrets obligations have been dismissed as weak by his lawyers. Read more here

Moderna Therapeutics says that any royalties or compensation due to owners of platform technology patents infringed by its covid vaccine product must be sought from the US taxpayer. Read more here

Reliance on an outside legal counsel’s advice could allow defendants accused of induced patent infringement in the US to fight off the allegations. Read more here


A paper on the EVS codec patent landscape argues that published royalty rates in the space are out-of-step with other mobile licensing trends. Read more here

Litigation funders like trade secrets cases and a recent $2 billion damages verdict won by Appian Corp in Virginia is one reason why. Read more here


Hyundai Motors has recently acquired patent portfolios from Intel and IBM as it continues to show interest in UAV and natural language processing tech. Read more here

The first two rulings produced by China’s new patent linkage system have gone against patentees, but there are some encouraging signs for innovators behind the headline decisions. Read more here

IPBC Global, the world’s pre-eminent event focusing on IP value creation, takes place in Chicago from 12 to 14 June with over 500 senior delegates set to attend. Read more here

Samsung is suing MPEG LA in the US, accusing the patent pool operator of cutting its royalty pay-outs after it left the firm’s HEVC programme. Read more here


FTC chair Lina Khan tells the ITC that exclusion orders should not be issued to SEP owners if there is parallel FRAND litigation in US district courts. Read more here  

McDonald’s decision to leave the Russian market is rooted in brand values, says its CEO, but the company will seek to retain its trademarks in the country. Read more here

Pfizer’s $11.6 billion acquisition of Biohaven is the biggest pharma deal of 2022 so far and the price tag reflects the value of a relatively small number of patent-protected assets. Read more here

IP professionals working in AI are utilising holistic protection strategies because patents remain tough to secure. Read more here  


Chinese IP theft needs to be tackled head on, but poor, disjointed decision-making in the US and Europe has also created space for the country’s tech titans to move into. Read more here

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