Hilco NPE attacks Apple; UPC set for mid-2022; Data-driven healthcare patent surge; Chip crisis requires US innovation reboot; Dolby’s Korean SEP fine; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Law firm IP leaders based in Australia reflect on what it has taken to get through the events of the last 18 months and look at how the covid pandemic has affected the IP services industry. Read more here

MONDAY 16 August

Panasonic has become the latest sizable patent owner to join the Access Advance HEVC pool as a licensor. Read more here

Bell Northern Research, an NPE operated by Hilco, has accused Apple of infringing 10 patents reading on mobile technology in a recently filed case in the Western District of Texas. Read more here

TUESDAY 17 August

Trade secret claims in a California lawsuit represent a lot more than just IP risk for Huawei and state media in China sees an “ulterior motive”. Read more here

A new study shows there has been a surge in computer-assisted healthcare patenting. This will have a significant effect on IP strategies in the life sciences and high-tech sectors. Read more here

ByteDance has become the latest China-based global technology giant to join the Open Invention Network as a licensee and community member. Read more here


New corporate governance guidelines issued in Japan place intellectual property policies squarely within companies’ reporting obligations. Read more here

Thanks to recent developments in Germany, the official UPC Preparatory Committee now forecasts that the court could come into existence in the middle of next year. Read more here

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has fined Dolby more than $200,000 after finding the company abused its ownership of SEPs when seeking a licensing deal from a local set-top box maker. Read more here

THURSDAY 19 August

Utility model filings and defensive publications are among the tools that can help global businesses avoid nuisance cases and more threatening assertions in China’s sprawling patent ecosystem. Read more here

Ground-breaking amendments to Brazil’s IP laws would require life sciences innovators to hand over trade secrets, data and biological materials. Read more here

A recently filed case in EDTX is among the first NPE assertions involving patents declared essential to the 5G standard. Read more here

FRIDAY 20 August

High-profile litigation, a battle for e-payment customers and the city’s growing fintech space may all be reasons for a spike in Hong Kong patent activity by mainland Chinese companies. Read more here

Legal challenges to the USPTO’s increased use of discretionary denials are mounting and pharma companies will be affected significantly by their outcome. Read more here

State IP funding programmes have helped fuel patent application growth by Chinese entities, but as subsidies are wound down the rate of increase for foreign filings is already beginning to decline. Read more here

SATURDAY 21 August

The current global semiconductor supply shortage shows that the United States should be investing in people and infrastructure to enable the production of critical technologies at home. Read more here

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