Operating companies dominate US transactions; Oppo secures Intel and Ericsson patents; Gilead seals unique $5.1 billion licensing deal; Pro-plaintiff Indian court strikes again; Alphabet re-engineers portfolio; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 15th July

In latest pro-plaintiff decision, Delhi court rules that defendant in patent suit must shell out monetary equivalent of 10% of its past sales in India to avoid an export ban. Read more here

Huawei’s most recent US case against L3 Harris Technologies shows that the Chinese tech giant is prepared to leverage its IP rights amidst increasingly tense geopolitical climate. Read more here

TUESDAY 16th July

Intel signed off on sale of 58 US patent rights to Oppo one week after it confirmed it would auction its full smartphone portfolio. Read more here

Gilead’s unique $5.1 billion licensing deal shows the range of IP monetisation options open to biotech sector. Read more here

IBM is betting that it can grow its cloud presence following the close of its Red Hat acquisition, but in patent terms the pair are hardly kindred spirits. Read more here


Technology transfer and commercialisation are buzzwords in China. For IP-based university/private sector partnerships to develop, though, there are significant systemic hurdles must be overcome. Read more here

THURSDAY 18th July

Shenzhen-based Goodix supplies more fingerprint sensors to more phones than any other company. It is now involved in patent litigation in China with two of its biggest rivals. Read more here

A recent Federal Circuit decision shows the door is not shut on infringement claims under the doctrine of equivalents in ANDA cases. Read more here

France Brevets puts two patent portfolios, including one containing 5G assets, up for sale; both were developed by French research institutes with close support from the sovereign patent fund. Read more here

FRIDAY 19th July

A recent Oppo deal with Ericsson, involving approximately 500 patents, underlines the appeal of Indian assets to Chinese buyers. Read more here

In the midst of a significant recalibration of its patent portfolio, Alphabet saw a steep drop in the number of US grants it received in 2018. Read more here

Samsung, Qualcomm and TSMC to the fore as operating companies continue to dominate the US patent deals market, though Intellectual Ventures is the top seller. Read more here

SATURDAY 20th July

With a German injunction, Amgen scores another victory in its antibody patent war with Regeneron and Sanofi, but future battles may reverse its fortunes. Read more here

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