Plaintiffs flee WDTX; Why Intel’s NPE move makes sense; IP strategy at NuCurrent; Message from new IAM editor; Campinos’ legacy challenge at the EPO; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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MONDAY 15 August

The hub-and-spokes model provides new means of developing and monetising deprioritised or unwanted patent-backed innovations in the life sciences sector. Read more here

Although IPValue holds thousands of patents and has been active for over 20 years, Docket Navigator data shows that the firm’s entities have filed just 32 litigation actions since 2008. Read more here

TUESDAY 16 August

In an exclusive interview, Biocon Biologics’ chief IP counsel explains the issues that he and his team focus on – and how an upcoming, big-ticket merger will lead to change. Read more here

Following a lull in US biosimilar patent litigation in recent years, a new wave of originator versus biologic disputes has begun. Read more here

NuCurrent’s CEO Jacob Babcock details the company’s journey to becoming a technology licensing business and the philosophy that sustains it. Read more here


Demonstrating ROI in patent operations is a challenge for many corporate IP functions. It’s one the team at Pure Storage understands and has made a central part of its overall strategy. Read more here

Mysterious patent-purchasing biotech company Terran Biosciences is embroiled in a US trade secrets dispute with competitor Compass Pathways. Read more here

There’s been a significant decline in new patent cases in the Western District of Texas since filings began being randomly assigned to 12 judges instead of Alan Albright alone. Read more here

THURSDAY 18 August

Although it is tempting to think that obtaining patents for AI-related inventions is too difficult to try, there are ways through to getting meaningful protection from the EPO. Read more here

António Campinos was recently appointed to a second term as president of the EPO and now has until the end of June 2028 to leave an indelible mark on Europe’s patent story. Read more here

Nestlé and Coca-Cola have been named the world's most valuable food and beverage brands, as the industry finally shows signs of bouncing back from the covid-19 pandemic. Read more here    

FRIDAY 19 August

Patent invalidation actions won’t derail litigation disputes in China but can prove an important bargaining chip when negotiating SEP licensing deals. Read more here

IAM is pleased to announce the release of IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2022. Read more here

Intel coined the term “patent troll” and has been highly critical of NPEs, but negative business headwinds mean that putting a portfolio of IP assets to work with IPValue is a no brainer. Read more here

SATURDAY 20 August

New IAM editor Rachel Mountain sets out her vision for the platform’s future at a time when interest in IP as a business asset has never been greater. Read more here

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