Huawei sets 5G licensing rate; Signs point to Tesla Avanci deal; China patent filings purge; Nokia IP head hails successes; US patent damages analysis; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

Samsung v Ericsson and why anti-anti-suit injunctions are a dead end. Bird & Bird’s Richard Vary unpicks the tangled history of anti-suit injunctions to expose their lack of logic and explain why the solution to some of today’s titanic licensing struggles may lie somewhere else entirely. Read more here

MONDAY 15th March

The latest annual patent filing figures for Taiwan drive home the huge importance of the chip industry to the island’s fortunes. Read more here

Recently published patent data sheds more light on why Amazon may have made a $1.2 billion bet on a self-driving car company last year. Read more here

TUESDAY 16th March

Huawei will license its patent portfolio to multimode 5G handset sellers at a “reasonable percentage royalty rate of the handset selling price”, with per-unit royalties capped at $2.50. Read more here

In an exclusive interview, BioNTech’s two most senior IP decision-makers tell IAM about their life-changing experiences building the patent strategy for the company’s covid vaccine. Read more here

InterDigital has announced that Qualcomm’s global head of IP, Liren Chen, is taking over from Bill Merritt as the firm’s CEO. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 17th March

Japan's key industrial ministry convenes lawyers, academics and key corporate representatives to help formulate a response to pressing questions about SEP licensing policy. Read more here

The EPO published its 2020 annual report yesterday, revealing filing and grants stats as well as key trends. We have identified the nine most significant. Read more here

A spate of patent litigation dismissals in US district courts hint at a possible licensing deal between Avanci and Tesla. Read more here

THURSDAY 18th March

IAM is working alongside Richardson Oliver Insights, Cipher, Unified Patents and RPX on the creation of SPIF, a new, free-to-access tool that makes patent management and transfers more efficient. Read more here

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese patent applications could disappear as a result of a crackdown on suspect filings by the country’s national IP administration. Read more here

The European Commission has taken the unprecedented step of launching a formal competition law investigation into a divisional patent filing and litigation strategy adopted by Teva. Read more here

USPTO assignment records show that Apple recently acquired a small group of patents and applications from NPE Sun Patent Trust. Read more here

FRIDAY 19th March

Softbank and Tencent join Xiaomi founders and other existing investors to pump $300 million into patent information platform founded in Singapore. Read more here

US patent damages awards broke records in 2020, but it would be a mistake to get too hung up on the numbers. Read more here

"We feel good about our business - it’s very profitable and on a sustainable foundation," says Nokia Technologies head Jenni Lukander in an exclusive IAM interview. Read more here

SATURDAY 20th March

Chinese tech firms are stepping up their focus on the auto industry to tap into the promising electric and smart vehicles market, and that will have big knock-on effects for IP. Read more here

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