Microsoft IP jobs cut; UK Supreme Court to hear pivotal FRAND cases; AVANCI SEPs near 50% market share; Red Hat to guide IBM IP strategy; California takes aim at pay-to-delay; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 14th October

India's patent office appeal board is paralysed again after Delhi court refuses to extend chairman’s tenure; body has just one expert on staff and a growing backlog. Read more here

A recent announcement is the first time that Nokia has drawn attention to the release of SEPs and comes after months of stories about Chinese dominance of the technology. Read more here

Licensing specialists among most affected by a round of lay-offs in Microsoft’s IP team which comes a year after the company joined LOT Network and OIN. Read more here

TUESDAY 15th October

Samsung, Sony and Google are among the companies that are shifting smartphone production from China to Southeast Asia – and that could have major IP implications. Read more here

Pharma patent litigation settlements involving the transfer of “anything of value” to generic companies are now presumed anti-competitive under Californian state law. Read more here

New data showing both pre- and post-institution PTAB settlements at highest levels since 2014 comes against backdrop of dramatic fall in new IPR filings. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 16th October

Facing NPE litigation in the US and upstart Chinese rivals that are getting smart on patents, TenCent dips back into the secondary market with third IBM deal. Read more here

WIPO data shows US patent filings dipped for the first time in a decade last year, while the number of grants also fell. Read more here

THURSDAY 17th October

A last-minute bid to retain Australia’s innovation patent system has been rejected by the country’s lawmakers, but they did agree to a six-month extension of its phaseout. Read more here

In Unwired Planet and Conversant, the UK Supreme Court next week will be the first top court in any jurisdiction to consider the enforcement of SEPs subject to a global FRAND licensing undertaking. Read more here

FRIDAY 18th October

AVANCI platform covers just under 50% of 3G and 4G SEPs, although some big gaps remain, research for IAM indicates. Read more here

Israeli firm SolarEdge has sued Huawei over inverter tech in Shenzhen and Jinan, building on a previously instigated German campaign. Read more here

A precedential judgment by the CAFC to overturn a PTAB decision invalidating a cancer drug patent on obviousness grounds is good news for life sciences companies working in oncology. Read more here

SATURDAY 19th October

When it comes to patent strategy, the Red Hat tail will end up wagging the Big Blue dog after IBM’s $34 billion purchase of the open source powerhouse. Read more here

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