Nokia v Vivo goes global; LG solar exit will have patent impact; Litigation funder sued; Ocado IP head hails ITC win; Unified’s IPR record unpicked; plus much more

Nokia v Vivo goes global; LG solar exit will have patent impact; Litigation funder sued; Ocado IP head hails ITC win; Unified’s IPR record unpicked; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

As parties from a wider range of fields seek machine learning-related patent protection, Harry Strange, Diego Black and Karl Barnfather of Withers & Rogers explain how to draft specifications for European Patent Office applications with a view to sufficiency. Read more here

MONDAY 14 March

New litigation with a competitor, coupled with significant M&A-related patent transactions, show how crucial medical imaging is to Fujifilm’s continued re-invention. Read more here

A leading player in the WHO’s mRNA vaccine hub in South Africa has welcomed a Moderna pledge not to enforce its covid-related patents in 92 middle- and low-income countries. Read more here

Unified Patents struggles more than others to get IPRs instituted, Docket Navigator data reveals, but when it does, the firm has the third-highest win rate among the top 10 PTAB petitioners. Read more here

TUESDAY 15 March

LG Electronics’ plans to shut down its solar panel business raises questions over what is by some measures the sector’s leading patent portfolio. Read more here

AbbVie has settled the last of its many patent battles with adalimumab biosimilar producers, so delaying US competition to its best-selling drug, Humira, until 2023. Read more here

As its UK patent infringement trial with AutoStore gets underway, Ocado is riding a high from a win last week at the US ITC, says the online grocery retailer’s chief IP officer Lucy Wojcik. Read more here


Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has reportedly taken legal action in China against Nokia in a dispute concerning FRAND patent licensing terms. Read more here

After months of deadlock in negotiations over a potential waiver of TRIPS provisions for vaccines and other treatments related to covid-19, a compromise deal appears to have been reached. Read more here

The "Defending American Courts Act" recently tabled in the Senate and aimed at curbing use of Chinese anti-suit injunctions in FRAND cases may not have much effect on litigants’ incentives. Read more here


Court records show there are two pending patent lawsuits filed by Nokia against Vivo in the High Court of Delhi, part of an emerging patent licensing dispute between the two companies. Read more here

Sanofi has become the latest pharma innovator to cash in on royalties from a patent-protected drug in a deal with Blackstone Life Sciences worth up to $300 million. Read more here

A Korean university is taking legal action against a litigation funder which it accuses of blocking a pay-out due from Samsung on the back of a 2020 licensing deal. Read more here

FRIDAY 18 March

The short-term IP risk management challenges Russia’s attack on Ukraine poses are only one part of the equation. Vladimir Putin’s actions raise important longer-term patent issues too. Read more here

Proposals to create a unified US IP Office could address national policymaking, but open questions include where the new agency would sit and how it would fund itself. Read more here


The fast pace and compressed nature of Section 337 investigations at the ITC make them a powerful enforcement tool in cases of trade secret misappropriation. Read more here


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