Huawei beats $1.3bn royalties target; USPTO refutes 5G patent claims; Avanci waits on key licensors; EU plans SEP reform; Dolby IP head moves to Via; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Rigorous correlation analysis makes the case that IP rights are not the barrier to covid-19 vaccine and treatment access that advocates for a TRIPs waiver claim, argues David Torstensson. Read more here

MONDAY 14 February

The addition of LG adds heft and quality to Avanci’s current offering, but Qualcomm, Ericsson and Nokia are among big SEP holders that have yet to commit to the platform’s 5G programme. Read more here

China’s Supreme People’s Court has handed down new guidance on how the country’s courts should handle pay-for-delay patent litigation settlements. Read more here

Now that Leonard Stark’s CAFC appointment is confirmed, his former colleagues will cover the 233 cases on his Delaware docket. Data suggests this might favour defendants. Read more here

TUESDAY 15 February

Japanese and US entities are the top foreign patent invalidation defendants at the China National IP Administration, but cases are largely targeted at domestic rights holders. Read more here

Operating companies that have never previously imagined enforcing their patents are thinking again and are curious about the use of litigation funding to control their costs, according to a new report. Read more here

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a report that debunks claims often made in various media outlets that one company or country is winning the 5G patent race. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 16 February

The Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court’s overturning of an anti-anti-suit injunction granted to Access Advance HEVC pool licensors could see more patent holders take cases to Munich. Read more here

Heath Hoglund, who was head of IP at Dolby, has left the company to take over as president of Via Licensing. Read more here

THURSDAY 17 February

Huawei may be facing significant headwinds, but the Chinese telecoms giant saw a surge in patent grants at home and abroad in 2021. Read more here

The CAFC has ruled against granting an en banc rehearing of a highly controversial case which could endanger the future of skinny label generic drug products in the US. Read more here

New research indicates that BlackBerry patent buyer Catapult IP is acquiring a portfolio of quality assets that can potentially be asserted against some very big names. Read more here

FRIDAY 18 February

The European Commission has invited comments on potential legislation “to create a fair and balanced” framework for SEP licensing in the EU. Read more here

In part one of an exclusive interview, Huawei IP head Alan Fan reveals the company has beaten a $1.3bn royalties target, and talks licensing strategy, 5G rates, pools and a restructuring of his team. Read more here

It could be March or April before the Senate votes on whether to confirm Kathi Vidal as USPTO Director. Meanwhile, her private practice cases continue. Read more here

SATURDAY 19 February

IAM has just appointed its first-ever dedicated Europe editor, to sit alongside the editors we have long had covering North America, China and the Asia-Pacific. Read more here

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