Asia’s top IP teams named; Qualcomm cools on pools; Top pharma royalty deals of 2020; Albright tightens grip on US patent cases; How to halt hold-up; plus much more

Asia’s top IP teams named; Qualcomm cools on pools; Top pharma royalty deals of 2020; Albright tightens grip on US patent cases; How to halt hold-up; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 14th December

The first IAM Panel Survey of global IP leaders finds increased confidence in the patent environment but concerns about rising litigation and growing budgetary pressures. Read more here

The Asia IP Elite recognises the very best of the region in terms of IP strategy. Today, we name its members from Australasia, South-East Asia and India. Read more here

John Han, senior vice president and general manager at Qualcomm Technology Licensing, has indicated some cooling of the firm’s support for patent pools. Read more here

TUESDAY 15th December

Today we continue our look at the 2020 Asia IP Elite with a focus on the leading players in the tech hotspots of South Korea and Taiwan. Read more here

Ericsson’s EDTX suit against Samsung shows the Swedish company is willing to take a short-term licensing hit because it believes its 5G SEPs will deliver long-term financial rewards. Read more here

New Velos Media head Greg Weiss has dismissed suggestions that the HEVC platform is underperforming. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 16th December

New research from the EPO sheds light on patenting activity relating to the fourth industrial revolution. We provide the top takeaways. Read more here

It has been a year of creative and flexible deal-making for drug royalty transactions, with many life sciences entities taking advantage of the revenues this kind of IP monetisation can deliver. Read more here

New data shows that Judge Albright in the Western District of Texas is tightening his grip on the US patent litigation docket. Read more here

THURSDAY 17th December

There are 19 Chinese entities named in this year's Asia IP Elite, the highest number from the country since the programme began. Read more here

Recently announced changes to the UK’s SPC rules will have immediate implications for biotech and pharma when the Brexit transition period finishes at the end of this month. Read more here

Irish NPE Solas OLED has secured a notable German victory over Sony and LG in a multi-national assertion campaign it is waging in Europe, North America and Asia. Read more here

FRIDAY 18th December

The 21 Japanese members of the Asia IP Elite group of companies made some big strategic shifts in 2020 as they weathered an unprecedented year. Read more here

Data analysis reveals that the list of top patent owners in semiconductor manufacturing includes foundries, equipment suppliers and IDMs. Read more here

So far, Nokia’s strategic overhaul has left its licensing arm untouched while highlighting the relatively settled state of many of the company’s largest patent deals. Read more here

SATURDAY 19th December

Those who adopt a hold-out strategy in SEP FRAND licensing negotiations to avoid paying a fair royalty should face the prospect of a market red card, argues InterDigital’s Eeva Hakoranta. Read more here

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