Bristol Myers’ Celgene gamble, Apple’s IPR attack on Qualcomm, 2018’s US patent litigation stats, key CRISPR facts, plus much more

Bristol Myers’ Celgene gamble, Apple’s IPR attack on Qualcomm, 2018’s US patent litigation stats, key CRISPR facts, plus much more

Last week was a very busy one on IAM, which means you may have missed some of the big stories we covered. In case you did, here they all are …

MONDAY 14th January

Patent office officials in Beijing reveal the country's top patent recipients, amount of cross-border royalty flows and ambiguous data on foreign firms' patenting activity. Read more here

Bristol Myers purchase of Celgene may turn out to be a damp squib if Dr Reddy’s wins a suit relating to follow-on patents that cover flagship cancer treatment Revlimid. Read more here

A prominent pool operator has questioned what it believes could be a "fatally flawed" Unified Patents study on HEVC royalty rates. Read more here

TUESDAY 15th January

Indian IP jurisprudence is the real winner from the long-awaited Supreme Court decision in the Monsanto cotton technology case. Read more here

Coolpad’s CEO, who advocated a strong focus on patent monetisation as part of his plan to revive the company’s fortunes, has been fired. Read more here

Another TiVo lawsuit filed against Comcast – this time in the Central District of California – demonstrates just how important the pair’s long-running dispute has become. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 16th January

CRISPR technology is revolutionising the life sciences sector. Here are five things you need to know about how it is affecting the patenting landscape. Read more here

IAM Market has teamed up with Richardson Oliver Insights to bring patents being offered by top brokers to its transactions platform. Read more here

THURSDAY 17th January

GoerTek’s billionaire founder modelled his business on Panasonic from day one, now “China’s Bluetooth king” is buying patents from the Japanese company. Read more here

Apple has instituted multiple IPRs against Qualcomm patents, including one against an asset that was the subject of a controversial ITC ruling. Read more here

FRIDAY 18th January

The DoJ is considering charging Huawei with stealing trade secrets related to a phone testing robot developed by T-Mobile - but in a 2014 civil trial, the US carrier’s punches failed to land. Read more here

Services at the FDA could “grind to a halt” in a matter weeks if US budget deadlock continues. Major disruption at the USPTO and in the courts may also be on the cards. Read more here

All the important 2018 US patent litigation data in chart form – filings continue to fall, PTAB petitions also down, operating companies more active as NPE action drops. Read more here

SATURDAY 19th January

A recently announced $40 million deal between Google and Fossil involves acquisition of IP relating to smartwatch technology - and shows the ongoing appeal of wearables to Silicon Valley’s elite. Read more here

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