Top Qualcomm exec slams Apple; NTT and Oppo agree SEP deal; Uber and Cruise form auto IP group; Square talks crypto patents; More Toshiba IP sales; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

The Congressional authors of the America Invents Act and the USPTO directors who implemented it reflect with IAM deputy editor Angela Morris on the 10-year anniversary of the game-changing legislation. Read more here

MONDAY 13 September

An apparent NPE, a Chinese company locked in competitor litigation and a South Korean semiconductor firm are all among recent buyers of Toshiba IP assets. Read more here

Either the courts find a way to fix current patent eligibility uncertainties or Congress will have to, says former USPTO head Iancu. Read more here

The role of leaders in IP was challenged like never before during the global pandemic. Some of those who made the big calls share their experiences in a special IAM report. Read more here

TUESDAY 14 September

Oppo is to license NTT Docomo’s portfolio of 3G and 4G SEPs in a global deal that covers W-CDMA, LTE and LTE-Advanced SEPs. There is no mention of 5G, though. Read more here

A recent decision relating to AbbVie’s arthritis treatment Humira changes the venue selection playbook for US biosimilars patent disputes. Read more here

The $8 billion acquisition of Swedish specialist orphan drug business Sobi is the latest example of investors’ interest in rare disease innovation and IP. Read more here

Square doesn’t use patents to build royalties or exclude, instead the focus is on how they can protect the firm's business and the wider crypto eco-system, explains counsel Max Sills. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 15 September

More than three years after it was sued by a Chinese state lab for infringement, Intel has found some success in its multi-pronged efforts to contest the validity of the patents-in-suit. Read more here

Uber and Cruise join forces to launch the Auto Transportation Association, bringing together IP executives in the sector to communicate and collaborate on patent-related issues. Read more here

THURSDAY 16 September

A recent CAFC decision could make life more difficult for foreign defendants in US patent cases, especially those from China. Read more here

Senior Qualcomm executive attacks Apple’s approach to patent licensing and claims that the iPhone giant helped craft “bizarre” antitrust claims for failed FTC suit. Read more here

The Federal Circuit’s judgment in a recent pharma patent case is a stark reminder that IP professionals must remain vigilant about accusations of inequitable conduct. Read more here

FRIDAY 17 September

The US and China are both staking out strong positions in 6G, according to a recent patent study undertaken by Japan’s Cyber Creative Institute. Read more here

A recent $300 million settlement sum paid by Bausch Health is a warning for those entering into pay-for-delay agreements. Read more here

The FTC has created a potential new US headache for SEP owners with a recent move to beef-up its investigative powers while identifying alleged IP abuses as one of its target areas. Read more here

SATURDAY 18 September

Next-generation codecs are not only technologically superior but also better for the environment. The IP industry needs to solve the problems that are holding back their adoption. Read more here

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