Huawei’s innovative IoT SEP deal; Corporates seek patent cash; Covid IP waiver done; Fish & Richardson tops US grants table; All the IPBC Global news; plus much more

Huawei’s innovative IoT SEP deal; Corporates seek patent cash; Covid IP waiver done; Fish & Richardson tops US grants table; All the IPBC Global news; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

At a recent event in Washington DC, it was clear that US policymakers and government officials are beginning to pay closer attention to the role that IP can play as a key national security asset. William New reports. Read more here

MONDAY 13 June

The first day of IPBC Global 2022 in Chicago was all about building strategies for long-term value creation and the importance of nurturing top talent, wherever it is to be found. Read more here

Many originators see a win in last week’s surprise withdrawal of the DoJ, USPTO, NIST FRAND/SEP licensing policy statement, but some implementers also feel there are reasons to be cheerful. Read more here


The future of FRAND, 6G, IP finance and patent dealmaking took centre stage on Day Two of IPBC Global 2022 in Chicago. Read more here

Nokia has announced a new agreement to collaborate with Innventure to commercialise IP on high-performance cooling technology for data centres and mobile network equipment. Read more here


New IP finance play, Ukraine tribute, patent litigation trends and plenty more on top as IPBC Global 2022 comes to an end in Chicago. Read more here

A precedential Federal Circuit decision shows that characterising per-unit royalty terms as a significant percentage of profits may be beneficial in later US litigation. Read more here


Buyers should position themselves for patent acquisition opportunities as the worsening economy spurs operating company monetisation efforts, says Acacia CIPO Marc Booth. Read more here

The USPTO recently issued two new interim processes for review of final decisions at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Read more here

Fish & Richardson secured more issued US patents for its clients than any other US law firm in 2021, with Oblon and Sughrue Mion in second and third positions respectively. Read more here

FRIDAY 17 June

Nordic Semiconductor has agreed a royalty bearing, component level deal to license LPWA cellular IoT SEPs from Huawei for use by itself and its customers. Read more here

The covid patent waiver agreed by WTO member states is less far-reaching than the original proposal but underscores how the pandemic has impacted IP politics. Read more here

Data on US law firms ranked by 2021 patent grants shows a slide that may link to clients’ filing strategies changing because of pandemic-induced budget cuts. Read more here


Recent comments by USPTO Director Kathi Vidal on rethinking everything about the patent system must be followed by the gathering of hard evidence that any changes will make things better. Read more here

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