Uniloc and Apple unite in licensing case; Key US SEP consultation extended; EPO AI grants climb; Vidal backs Iancu reforms; UPC all set for 2022; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Recent developments mean that the EU’s long-awaited Unified Patent Court and unitary patent are on course to roll-out next year. However, writes Adam Houldsworth, there are still some hurdles to get over before lift-off. Read more here

MONDAY 13 December

Chinese and US policymakers have long spoken out against low-quality filings within and from China, but this year concrete action has been taken on both the trademark and patent fronts. Read more here

Both Uniloc and Apple have told the CAFC that a trial judge erred by refusing to seal details of 109 licensing deals agreed by the NPE. Read more here

From patent eligibility to labour shortages, elite IP advisers detail the issues keeping them awake at night as they prepare for 2022. Read more here

TUESDAY 14 December

Appliance maker Ningbo Aux Group has won a $26 million victory in a Chinese court over a larger rival using a patent acquired from Toshiba. Read more here

The consultation period on a proposed US government SEP licensing policy statement has been extended by 30 days, but questions remain about how involved the USPTO is in the process. Read more here

A federal district court has enjoined California from enforcing its strict law against pay-for-delay, but antitrust considerations are here to stay in such agreements between originators and generics. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 15 December

USPTO Director nominee Kathi Vidal has given positive feedback on reforms introduced by Andrei Iancu and stressed the importance of standards. Read more here

A survey of senior executives, in-house counsel and investors in the energy sector shows that many see IP as one of the greatest challenges in the transition to green technologies. Read more here

THURSDAY 16 December

More entities are seeking protection for AI-related inventions at the European Patent Office, but while grant rates are also on the rise they continue to lag the overall rate. Read more here

Life sciences IP professionals will hope for greater clarity on the eligibility of combination products for SPCs in Europe after a referral to the CJEU by a Finnish court. Read more here

Transformations in the wider IP value creation sphere have spurred higher client expectations than ever for outside counsel. Read more here

FRIDAY 17 December

It’s time to forget the idea of “good” and “bad” USPTO patent examiners but using individual and technology unit allowance rates as the springboard for a prosecution strategy will reap dividends. Read more here

A new report produced by Democrats in the House of Representatives shines a light on life sciences patent strategies and could indicate a redirection of reform efforts. Read more here

Avanci CEO Kasim Alfalahi predicts SEP licensing solutions, not litigation, will be the order of the day for the auto sector in 2022. Read more here

SATURDAY 18 December

The surprising results of a survey show that there’s plenty of room to improve how top-level management is kept informed about patent and brand threats. Read more here

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