Covid-19 vaccine exclusive; Huawei’s big NPE deal; Top antiviral patent owners named; No US litigation drop – yet; Major IP investment opportunities revealed; plus much more

Covid-19 vaccine exclusive; Huawei’s big NPE deal; Top antiviral patent owners named; No US litigation drop – yet; Major IP investment opportunities revealed; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 13th April

Until 2017, US companies led the blockchain patent filing race, now Chinese entities are among the leading players in the space. Read more here

Policy makers are looking ever more closely at the IP issues surrounding 5G. But some of the information they are receiving is not accurate and could lead to bad decisions. Read more here

A sensor technology business has expanded its US assertion campaign against Roku, accusing the TV streaming company of infringing five patents. Read more here

TUESDAY 14th April

Chinese authorities are responding to reports of faulty mask and ventilator exports with stepped up inspections in IP and other areas. Read more here

Following a sharp drop in Q1, the purchase of patent-rich life sciences businesses may dry up this quarter as the covid-19 pandemic makes it more difficult to evaluate assets. Read more here

Lenovo files antitrust suit against InterDigital and slams attempts to resolve the pair’s patent dispute via arbitration, claiming it is inherently biased toward achieving a non-FRAND result. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 15th April

Recent assignment records point towards a major deal between Huawei and a highly assertive NPE that has done business with the Chinese company before. Read more here

Over the years, IAM has looked at the rapidly changing auto patent landscape from a variety of angles, as the latest dip into our back catalogue demonstrates. Read more here

Chinese entities overtake those from the US as most active users of the PCT, while Huawei tops the corporate chart again, and semiconductors and computer technology show strong growth. Read more here

Patents, know-how and data, as well as other intellectual assets, are all very interesting investment opportunities right now - if you know what you are doing. Read more here

THURSDAY 16th April

Toshiba’s memory chip manufacturing spin-off Kioxia is in patent dealmaking mode as its IPO approaches. Read more here

After top scientist indicates significant progress in search for covid-19 vaccine, Oxford University tech transfer head says licensing deals on crucial technologies expected in next two months. Read more here

TCL gets Ericsson patent chopped in Federal Circuit 101 decision after it had emerged largely unscathed from the PTAB. Read more here

FRIDAY 17th April

The technology arm of the Shenzhen-based insurance giant Ping An rockets into the top 10 PCT filers, surpassing rivals Alibaba and Tencent. Read more here

A covid-19 vaccine could be produced by any number of entities, but only a few major antiviral players had been actively building their portfolios before the pandemic struck. Read more here

There’s been no fall in US patent litigation numbers so could IP's traditional status as a counter-cyclical asset lead to a spike in disputes once businesses emerge from lockdown? Read more here

SATURDAY 18th April

Sovereign patent funds Intellectual Discovery and IP Bridge helped change the culture around IP in South Korea and Japan, but now both face having to survive in the private sector. Read more here

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